Best Mac hard drives 2019

Storage devices show quite how far miniaturisation has come over the years more than almost any other area of tech. We have memories from the 1990s of installing applications on fistfuls of 1.44MB floppy disks. Nowadays, a microSD fits 400GB into the size of your thumbnail.

Best SSD for Mac 2019

Storage devices show quite how far miniaturisation has come over the years more than almost any other area of tech. We have memories from the 1990s of installing applications on fistfuls of 1.44MB floppy disks. Nowadays, a microSD fits 400GB into the size of your thumbnail.

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac Users

It’s easy to leave Windows behind. Just buy a Mac, take a couple of days to settle in and never look back. But for Microsoft Office users, the need to buy Office for Mac again can be a hassle.

How to factory reset an iPhone, from XS on down

A clean slate can work wonders in life, especially when it comes to the numerous gadgets and gizmos we use on a daily basis, like the iPhone. Although performing a factory reset of your smartphone may not sound ideal — it essentially wipes your device of any and all personal settings and data you’ve acquired through the years — it’s occasionally necessary when troubleshooting your device for software errors. As we’ve shown you in our troubleshooting guide, there are many steps you can take to fix problems with your iPhone even if a factory reset doesn’t fix your issue.

How to make group FaceTime calls

You can video call up to 31 people (32 if you include yourself) as long as all your participants are using an iPhone, iPad or Mac runing iOS 12.1 or Mojave. In this article we will explain how to Group FaceTime multiple people, how to add people to a FaceTime group call, and what to do if Group FaceTime is not working.

How to send large files for free

Need to transfer something hefty to somebody over the internet, but don’t know how to send large files online? We’ve got your back. Large file transfers can be done in a few different ways, so we’ve put together this guide to cover the simplest, most effective, and most secure methods.

How to customize an Android One to suit your style

Android One is the closest you’ll get to plain, pure Android from manufacturers other than Google, with brands like Motorola, LG, Nokia and HTC all creating phones based on the platform.

Next to most custom interfaces, Android One looks clean and simple. That could lead you to think you can’t do much to alter how it looks and feels – but you can.

How edit podcasts with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

In parts one and two of this series, I talked about how I record podcasts on the iPad. In today’s third and final episode, we’ll learn about editing. For this, I use the awesome Ferrite Recording Studio, and Apple Pencil, and a pair of headphones. Let’s get started.

How to share WiFi from Mac

If you are running out of data on your iPhone, or the local Wi-Fi network just isn't giving you the connection you need, you might find turning your Mac into a Wi-Fi Hotspot so you can share your internet connection to your iPhone is the best solution. Here's how to share Wi-i from Mac to iPhone (or even Android)

How to edit PDFs on Mac

Wondering how to edit a PDF on a Mac? Want to do it for free? You can! There is a free PDF editor built right into MacOS and it's really easy to use. We show you how to edit a PDF on a Mac, plus some alternatives that let you finesse the finished product a bit.

How to download YouTube videos for free

Downloading videos from YouTube means you can watch them without an internet connection, which is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on planes, trains, and trips to places without reliable 4G or Wi-Fi.

Facetime on Android: Learn How with These Alternatives for Android

FaceTime is such a solid video calling app, and so easy to use, that you’re hoping it is somehow usable on Android. Here’s the difficult truth: You can’t use FaceTime on Android.

Apple’s architecture is locked, which means FaceTime can only be used for video calls between Apple devices. And as much as Android is tweakable and “hackable”, you will not find some kind of FaceTime hack to make FaceTime usable on Android.

How to Block Websites on Android

There are a lot of pop-ups, video ads, offending, and phishing sites lurking on the web so knowing how to block websites on your android phone is crucial, especially if there are minors in your home or you are browsing in sensitive areas like your workplace.

How to set up the Apple TV

The initial set up of an Apple TV can be done pretty quickly - especially if you have an iPhone or iPad to hand. But there are some further tweaks that you might want to do to completely personalise the interface and make it suit your needs. We'll look at how to get your new Apple TV working just the way you want it in this article.

How to set up a new Apple Watch

Looking to set up a new Apple Watch? You've come to the right place. Our quick-start guide for the Apple Watch, which covers new Series 3 and 4 as well as older models, shows how to set up your smartwatch, charge it up and turn it on, set the right language and other preferences, pair it with an iPhone, download apps and start using it.

The best VR headsets for iPhone users

An Apple VR headset doesn't exist (yet), but there is a breed of super-cheap headsets that are compatible with everything from the creaky old iPhone 5s to the more recent iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

Apple Watch health and wellbeing apps to download in 2019

If you’ve set your annual New Years Resolutions to create a new and better you for 2019 – congratulations. And if you picked up an Apple Watch this Christmas on your wrist you have the perfect companion, which could make the difference between a happier, healthier you – and another year of broken dreams.

Apple Watch tips and tricks

To give you a fast start, we've rounded up 44 essential hacks to help make the current Apple Watch even more useful, including improvements introduced through the most recent updates. From adding music to trimming unwanted notifications and even taking screenshots, your experience will be richer for reading this list.

The best Apple Watch running apps tested

The Apple Watch has improved massively for runners – and even the newly announced watchOS 5 operating system introduced a host of new features specifically aimed at those who live to run.

The best sleep tracker apps to download for your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is now into its fourth iteration, yet one of the most common questions we get asked is 'Does the Apple Watch track sleep?'. Sadly, the smartwatch still doesn't offer any of its own sleep tracking tech, despite offering plenty of other advanced features.