AirPods are unique in their own right. What makes the wireless earphones a better deal is the ability to live up to the mark on most aspects. And at $159, the earbuds aren’t too pricey either.

Having used the Bluetooth earphones for more than two years and explored every little hack, I had been planning to share some of the coolest AirPods tips and tricks with you for long. I’m really glad to finally spill the beans about them today.

Whether you have just bought Apple’s earbuds or haven’t yet got the best out of them, these hacks can go a long way in boosting your experience. And oh, some of them can also help you safeguard your little gems!

#1. Rename Your AirPods

One of the coolest ways you can personalize your earphones is to give them a suitable name. It would not just add some personal touch but also bring in a bit of fun element.

I’ve named mine as “Audiophiles” as they sound nice to me. You can give your AirPods an equally great name by going to Settings app on your paired iPhone. Then, tap on Bluetooth → tap on “i” button next to the name of your earphones → tap on the name → enter the name → finally, tap on Done to finish.

Change the Display Name of AirPods

#2. Customize the Double Tap Functionality from Siri to Play/Pause

When you tap AirPods twice, by default Siri is activated. But depending on how you want to use them, you can customize the double-tap functionality. For instance, you can fine-tune the settings to play/pause by double-tapping the left AirPod. Likewise, you will be able to configure it to jump to the previous track by tapping twice on the right earphone.

To get it done, open Settings app on your iPhone → Bluetooth → tap on “i” button next to your AirPods name → under Double-Tap AirPod section, tap on Left/Right option and choose the preferred option.

Change the double tap functionality from Siri to Play or Pause

#3. Get the Most Out of Siri

From what I have experienced I can tell that Siri works elegantly in controlling music, making phone calls and several other things. So, never fail to make the most of the personal assistant to get your work done faster.

Check out some handy commands given below:

  • “Play music.”
  • “Skip to the next song.”
  • “Turn up/down the volume.”
  • “Play my favorites playlist.”
  • “How do I get home from here?”
  • “Call [contact name]”

#4. Check AirPods’ Battery Juice

I always want to see my AirPods powered up and ready go for a long music drive. That’s why I make sure to keep an eye on their battery. Thankfully, it’s quite simple to track the battery of AirPods. And you can get it done not just from your iPhone but also from your Apple Watch.

Assuming AirPods are connected to your iOS device and you have already added the battery widget to the Today View. If it’s not added, swipe right on your iPhone to access Today View screen. Then, scroll down and tap on Edit → Find Batteries and hit the “+” button to the left of it → tap on Done to confirm.

Add Battery Widget to iPhone

Now, check out the widgets page. The Batteries widget will show the power of not just your iOS device but also your Apple Watch.

Track the Battery of Your AirPods

On your Apple Watch, swipe up to access Control Center. Now, tap on the battery icon. You should see the health of both your smartwatch and your earphones.

Check AirPods Battery Status on Apple Watch

And yes, you can also fire up Siri to find out the current battery of your earphones. Simply double tap the AirPod to invoke Siri and say, “How is the battery on my AirPods?”

#5. Check Your AirPods’ Firmware Version

To improve the performance of the wireless earphones, Apple frequently releases the software update for them. And whenever you connect the earphones to your iPhone, they get automatically updated.

You can check the version of your AirPods by going to Settings → General → About → tap on your earphones name → on the next screen, you should see the firmware version along with other options like model number, serial number and more.

Check AirPods Firmware Version on iPhone and iPad

#6. Pair AirPods With Your Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

The moment you connect the AirPods to your iPhone, they automatically pair with your Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac synced with the same iCloud account. However, you will be able to pair them up manually as well.

Unlike other Apple devices, Apple TV doesn’t connect to AirPods automatically. But bother not; the process is pretty simple. To do so, follow this hands-on guide.

#7. Fine-Tune AirPods Controls on Mac

While making the most of some of your favorite tracks using your Mac, suddenly you wish to customize the settings to suit your taste better. No need to look for your iPhone, if you can get it done right from your Mac.

To tweak the settings, open System PreferencesBluetooth → click on Options next to your earphones name.

Click on Bluetooth in Mac System Preferences

Click on Options next to Pair Airpods on Mac

Now, configure it as per your requirement.

Change AirPods Controls on Mac

#8. Switch Between The Audio

To switch the audio on your iOS device; Bring up Control Center → touch and hold the audio card → tap on the tiny audio switching icon and then choose the preferred device.

Switch between audio with AirPods on iPhone

On your Mac: Click on the audio icon → select the desired output device.

Switch between audio sources with AirPods on Mac

#9. Connect the Airpods to Non-Apple Devices

Of course, AirPods are designed to work elegantly with Apple devices. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get along with Android devices, Windows PC or non-Apple devices. Just in case, you are living outside of Apple ecosystem; you can pair the wireless earphones to your devices pretty much like any Bluetooth device.

To get it done, make sure the earphones are in the charging case. Then, open the lid and press the tiny button on the rear side of the case until the LED light starts flashing. Now, head over to the Bluetooth settings and connect the earphones as usual.

If your Android device is rocking Oreo or Pie, you can also use the same tap controls to play/pause, jump over to next track or switch back to previous track. Unfortunately, the Siri functionality won’t activate Google Assistant. That being said, you will still be able to enjoy music.

#10. Assign Microphone to A Specific AirPod

Though both the AirPods come with a built-in mic, they keep only one mic active at a time. Based on your convenience, you can set your left or right AirPod to use the microphone.

To get it done, open Settings appBluetooth → tap on “i” button → tap on Microphone → select Always Left or Right AirPod.

Assign Microphone to A Specific AirPod

#11. Use Live Listen with AirPods

iOS 12 comes with a super handy feature called “Live Listen” that lets you turn your paired iPhone into a microphone. Whether you want to secretly listen to the conversation of your little kid or wish to comfortably hear your speaker in a big hall, this Accessibility feature will come into play really well.

How to Use Live Listen with AirPods in iOS 12

To get started, open Settings app on your iOS device → Control Center → Customize Controls → tap on the “+” button to the left of Hearing.

Next, when your AirPods are active  → bring up CC → tap on Live Listen icon → tap on Live Listen and you are ready to go! To find out more about this feature, head over to this upfront guide.

#12. Smart Way to Save AirPods Battery

Tip for Better AirPods Battery Life

Though I won’t call it a trick, there is a way to make your earphones last longer. And that is to use only one of them at a time. While you are using an AirPod, put the other in the case to get juiced up. Knowing the charging case can provide multiple charges for more than 24 hours, chances are your music time will hardly come to a halt.

#13. Find Your Misplaced AirPods

Find Your Misplaced AirPods

Often misplace your AirPods? You can easily find not just their location but also play a loud sound on them. To know more about how it works, jump over here.

#14. Keep Your AirPods Clean Using Soft Cloth

Keep Your AirPods Clean Using Soft Cloth

Just like any other gadgets, AirPods also require the needed care. Thus, be sure to clean the earphones regularly to prevent smudge or grime from building up.

Make sure not use a hard or abrasive material to clean your earphones. I would recommend you to use a pretty soft microfiber cloth as it would not just let you get rid of the smudge with ease but also prevent scuffs.

If you want to buy a high-quality microfiber cloth, check out MagicFiber and Elite Tech Gear.

#15. Enhance Your Experience By Using Best Accessories

Best Accessories for AirPods

Whether you want to wear AirPods securely or wish to safeguard them against scratches, a suitable accessory can be of great help. We have made a few roundups of AirPods accessories like finest leather cases, top-notch straps, and wireless charging cases. Do give them a close look to pick out a better companion for your earphones.

There you go!

Have Your Say…

There are several features like more battery life, waterproof functionality and more ergonomic design that can make AirPods even better. That’s why I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the second-generation AirPods.

As per reports, Apple is believed to pack in many exciting features in the next-gen wireless earbuds. Let me know about the ones you’d like to see in them.

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