Best free GPS apps for iPhone 2019

Satnav technology has migrated to your pocket and your dashboard. We round up the best GPS map and navigation apps for iPhone and iPad, many of which also work offline, so you can navigate without data charges.

Best music download apps for iPhone you need to check out

Music streaming services have been part of our life for years. In reality, there is a load of music streaming platforms out there that offer different ways to explore music.

The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Safari on Mac

Safari can be a pleasure to use if you take the time to customize it and get rid of any potential annoyances. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this task.

How to free up memory (RAM) on a Mac

If your Mac has slowed down it's possible that your RAM is being used to the max. Here's how to free up memory on a Mac (or how to free up RAM), including ways to reduce Mac RAM usage without restarting.

How to speed up a slow Mac

Wondering why is my Mac running so slow? Desperate to speed up your Mac? Here are some performance tips to speed up your Mac or MacBook and make it run faster.

How to Install and Use Microsoft Office on Linux

The most widely used office productivity suite in the world is Microsoft Office. It doesn’t matter if your PC runs Windows 10 or macOS, it’s likely that you’re using Microsoft Office. If you’re not, you have a colleague who is.

The Best Music Production Software for Audiophiles

Choosing the best music production software isn’t easy. Audio technology has improved so quickly that almost every piece of software claims to do it all. There are, however, still some important distinctions you should bear in mind.

The 5 Best Mac Benchmark Apps to Measure Your Mac’s Performance

Your Mac’s cursor has turned into that dreaded spinning color wheel way too much lately. You think you might need to upgrade your Mac, but how do you know for sure? Using benchmark tests can help you make that decision.

What makes a good AR or VR headset and why Apple is positioned to dominate the space

If Apple is working on a VR or AR headset, it is certainly aware of the different technologies and concepts already used in the market, including the benefits and pitfalls that can be encountered. AppleInsider provides an overview of the current state of the two technologies, and what Apple needs to consider for creating its own headset design.

How to Remove a Bluetooth Accessory from iPhone or iPad

If you regularly use Bluetooth devices and accessories with an iPhone or iPad, you might occasionally run into situations where you want to remove a Bluetooth accessory from an iOS device.

Easiest Way to Transfer Music from Mac to Android

Moving media such as music from a Mac computer to an Android device can be done in a number of ways. However, nearly every method has drawbacks that could be deal-breakers.

How to Erase and Restore a Mac to Return to Factory Settings

Long ago, to wipe your Mac and restore it to factory settings you had to boot into Recovery Mode, open Disk Utility, erase and repartition your drive, then reinstall the whole operating system over the internet.

The 5 Best Spotlight Alternatives for Searching Mac Files and More

Spotlight search has been a trusty and reliable assistant to Mac users for years. You can look up files, perform basic calculations, keep tabs on the weather, and search a whole lot more by simply hitting the iconic Cmd + Space shortcut. And while Apple has consistently updated it, Spotlight still has a few features missing.

40 years of the laptop: how mobile PCs changed the world

If you own a PC there’s a very good chance it's a lightweight and portable laptop, rather than a big and bulky desktop. Those rectangular boxes that are tethered to your desk have been declining in popularity, with laptops now far outstripping them when it comes to sales.

Best free email for Macs

While Mail - the free email program that comes with the Mac operating system - is pretty good, is it the best email client for Mac?