Most Useful Homebrew Apps to Install on Mac

Homebrew refers to itself as “the missing package manager for macOS.” But how can you put it to use?

How to back up your Mac

While Apple is busy pushing its iCloud services these days — which you can use to backup data from any Apple device — it’s understandable if you prefer a more traditional method of backing up your data.

Best Printer for Mac

Whether you want to print pictures or documents, you need a good printer that can get the job done. From the many printers out there, which one deserves to be the best printer for Mac?

Mac Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi? 9 Steps to Get Back Online

Connecting your Mac to a Wi-Fi network should be easy. You click the Wi-Fi icon, select the network you want to join, and enter the network’s password if necessary.

How to Customize the Mac Terminal and Make It More Useful

The Terminal app is your gateway to the command line in macOS. It provides an interface with a shell or command interpreter that takes your command and invokes others to perform both routine and complicated tasks.

How to Use Continuity Camera on Mac to Scan Documents or Take a Photo with iPhone or iPad

Continuity Camera is a great feature available in the latest versions of MacOS that allow a Mac to instantly use an iPhone or iPad for scanning documents or taking photos using that iOS devices camera.

How to Make & Receive Phone Calls with iPad

Have you ever wished you could make a phone call with an iPad? If you have both an iPad and an iPhone, you can actually make phone calls from the iPad, with the call being relayed automatically through the iPhone.

Best video editors for your Mac

Apple Mac is a great machine for editing videos thanks to its impressive under-the-hood power. In reality, Apple Mac has its own built-in video editing tool, but it still lacks a few important features...

Check the Battery Level of Bluetooth Devices Connected to Mac

It's better to track the battery life of the Bluetooth devices connected to your Mac so that they don't run out of power during your work. Read on to find out how it's done the quick way.

macOS Mojave Slow? Fixes Here

The newest operating system by Apple is the macOS Mojave. This is packed with many cool features including a new dark mode, desktop stacks, new applications, and a revamped Mac Store.

How to Clear Other Storage on macOS Mojave

Mojave is the fifteenth installment of the Mac OS series released by Apple. It was first released on September 24th 2018. It was the successor to that of the macOS High Sierra.

Safari Downloads Not Working? 7 Troubleshooting Tips and Fixes to Try

It’s not always easy downloading files in Safari for Mac. Sometimes files seem to disappear after you download them, while other times they don’t download at all.

Best Font Management Tools for Mac

Font management software is crucial for someone who works with fonts. macOS comes with its very own font manager called Font Book, but it falls short in several aspects and that’s why we recommend using a third-party font manager app.

How to Restore Previous Versions of your Files on Mac

Don't waste your time using the undo option if you lost some valuable data of your file on Mac. You can recover to previous version of your files, thanks to File Versioning. Check this guide and learn how to use it.

How to Run a Simple Web Server on iPad or iPhone

Want to run a simple web server off of an iPad or iPhone? If you have iSH linux shell running in iOS then you can easily start and run a simple web server directly from an iPhone or iPad.