In its fanfare event held in September 2017, Apple proudly announced a wireless charging pad, which was christened AirPower. However, the product has never gone into the manufacturing sheds run by Apple’s contract manufacturers. This death of AirPower has disappointed many consumers, who wanted to see their iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on that adorable mat. Since Apple has canceled AirPower, people are now looking for AirPower alternatives.

The cancellation of AirPower came at a time when Apple began to lose its charm. It is now confirmed that there won’t be any AirPower on the Apple website for the next one or two years. For this reason, consumers are looking for the options of AirPower. But hold on! Your choice of wireless charging pad should include a product that can charge your three Apple devices simultaneously.

#1. Pitaka MagDock

pitaka Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods

Even if Apple had come up with its AirPower, the product wouldn’t have surpassed the excellence of Pitaka MagDock. Pitaka has made the grade at every level – whether it is design, performance or price. The wireless charging dock is built for iOS and Android devices as well.

If you look at the price, output, and other features of this charging dock, it is a clear winner and leaves Apple far behind. The dock boasts several features like adjustable viewing angle, portable design, zero-light emittance, and others.

Compatibility: iPhones, Apple Watch, AirPods USP: All-in-one charging dock Check out on iPitaka

#2. Benagio

Benagio Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone and AirPods

Simplicity is the trademark of Benagio dual wireless charging pad, which is compatible with iPhone X and later. You are supposed to use a Qualcomm fast charging adapter to connect the charging station through a USB outlet. Next, enjoy the fast charging speed.

With simplicity, Benagio doesn’t forget to impart elegance to this product, which has a slim design. This ultra-thin charger occupies minimum space on your desktop or working station at the office. Its anti-slip rubber feet will stick to the surface and securely hold your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

Compatibility: iPhones and AirPods USP: Simple design Check out on Amazon

#3. ZealSound Qi Certificated (White)

ZealSound Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods

ZealSound has made this wireless charging mat from a high-quality acrylic panel and non-slip pad. Crafted for all Qi-enabled devices, you can quickly charge your AirPods and iPhones. For your iPad, this charging pad offers a USB type A to connect the charging cable.

ZealSound has installed a high-efficiency chipset to provide 10W fast charge; you can experience 2x fast charging on this wireless charging pad. The product is built with exclusive multifunctional intelligent protect technology to safeguard your iOS device from short-circuiting and high temperature.

Compatibility: iPhones, Apple Watch, AirPods USP: High-efficiency chipset Check out on Amazon

#4. ZealSound (Black)


Unlike its above-mentioned wireless charger, ZealSound has made a more elegant Qi-certified charging mat. The spotless beauty of this charging pad will certainly enhance the décor of your workstation or desktop. The tempered glass ultra slim profile and metal bottom frame charge your Apple Watch (all series) and Qi-enabled iPhones.

When your devices are charged fully, LED lights on the charger will turn off, and charger power will also turn off. This ensures safe charging of your premium devices. Its 3.3 feet USB cable allows you to charge comfortably anywhere.

Compatibility: iPhone and Apple Watch (All series) USP: Fast charge mode Check out on Amazon

#5. Milletech

Milletech Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods

Get secure wireless charging with Milletech’s four-in-one wireless charging station for your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. This multi-functional charging dock is designed to charge your three essential devices at one place and at the same time. A glaring feature of this charger is it keeps your nightstand tidy and neat.

The elegant design creates a fashion statement and enhances the beauty of your surroundings. You can place this charging dock anywhere in your home – nightstand, kitchen, dining table, living room or other places.

Compatibility: iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods USP: Stylish appearance Check out on Amazon

Best AirPower Alternatives For iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

#1. Belkin BOOST UP

Belkin AirPower Alternative

If you are looking for an able alternative to AirPower, you should keep Belkin BOOST UP in mind. With the lightweight and compact design, it’s made to be ultra-portable. 7.5W transmitter coil delivers faster wireless charging than standard 5W wireless chargers.

This wireless charging pad securely charges your iPhone and doesn’t overheat or shut down abruptly. Another important quality it possesses is that it works with most slim cases. Hence, you won’t need to remove cases to power up your smartphone wirelessly.

USP: Case compatibility Check out on Amazon

#2. Spigen Essential F301W

Spigen Essential F301W is designed to charge your iPhone faster than traditional wireless chargers. With 10W transmitter coil, it powers your smartphone a lot faster than standard (5W) wireless charger. The non-slip surface ensures your device remains stable while being charged.

Small footprint makes it very portable. If you want to take the full advantage of its quick charge function, you will need to use QuickCharge 2.0/3.0 standard power adapter. The neat built-up makes it very durable; allowing it to endure drops.

USP: Fast charging mode Check out on Amazon

#3. Samsung

Samsung Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus AirPower Alternative

Considering the quality Samsung wireless charger boasts, it would have a mistake not to include it in this elite list. It features a very functional design that allows you to place your device vertically. That means you can enjoy your favorite videos while your device is being charged.

Smooth surface offers needed care to the device, while anti-skid mat endows it more stability. The built-in LED indicator light alerts you when the device is not properly aligned. Moreover, you can pick this wireless charging stand in four colors: black, white, silver and gold.

USP: Durable built-up Check out on Amazon

#4. UGpine

UGpine AirPower Alternative Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus

With ultra-slim and compact design, UGpine makes an instant impression. Apart from lightweight, it charges your device 1.4x faster than other standard Qi wireless charging pads. It also offers the needed protection to your smartphone from over-voltage, under-voltage, and short-circuit.

The soft non-slip surface doesn’t let your device slide. You will need to use QC 3.0 or 2.0 wall adapter to charge your device in fast charge mode. LED light automatically turns off after minutes so that your sleep doesn’t get disturbed.

USP: Short-circuit protection Check out on Amazon

#5. Hevanto

Hevanto AirPower Alternative Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

Want to interact with your iPhone more comfortably while it’s in charge? Hevanto can ideally fit your needs. This wireless charging stand allows you to put your iPhone both horizontally and vertically.

It offers faster charging than standard chargers. The sturdy construction can endure regular wear and tear, whereas anti-slip mat allows it to stay firmly while holding your device. Besides, it offers an essential safeguard against over-current and low voltage.

USP: Fast Charging Check out on Amazon


RISETECH has two built-in wireless charging coils that make it exceptionally efficient. It’s got the ability to charge your smartphone 1.4 times faster than the standard wireless charger.

As you can place your smartphone both vertically and horizontally, you will have a more comfortable viewing angle. You will continue to watch videos or enjoy the facetime call with your friends while it’s in charge. You can use the QC 2.0/3.0 adapter to take the full advantage of the fast charge mode. It also offers safety against over-current and low-voltage to ensure your device has complete security while charging. Plus, this charging stand comes with the 12-month warranty.

USP: Two wireless charging coils Check out on Amazon

#7. Fresh Air

Fresh air Wireless Charger for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X

Charge your iPhones 30 minutes faster with Fresh Air’s wireless charging pad, which quickly identifies your device with its intelligent technology. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, this charging pad has an anti-slip design to keep your iPhone stable while charging.

The charging pad sends out little light, giving you comfortable and sound sleep during the night. Before you place your iPhone on the pad, make sure you have removed the metal case and magnetic objects from the back of your device.

USP: Anti-slip mat Check out on Amazon

#8. KingYue

KingYue AirPower Alternative

The USP of KingYue charger stand is the built-in cooling fan that reduces the heat while charging. As a result, your device is powered up with additional security.

The intelligent temperature control chip doesn’t let the temperature go too high. LED indicator automatically shuts off once your device is fully powered up. The two coils inductive source provides the wider charging area to let you charge your device comfortably. FCC/RoHS/CE certification makes it very reliable.

USP: Built-in cooling fan Check out on Amazon

#9. JETech

JETech AirPower Alternative for iPhone X, 8 Plus and 8

As for reliability and offering secure charging, JETech can go toe-to-toe with the best. It has a simple yet very pragmatic design. The 5V/2A input and 5V/1A output make it a safe bet. With the idle mode, it stops charging your device the moment it’s juiced up.

The smooth pad doesn’t let your device slip away. By providing a complete safeguard against overcurrent and overvoltage, it ensures your device has secure charging. Protection aside, JETech comes with 6-month manufacturer warranty.

USP: Non-slip pad Check out on Amazon

#10. Seneo

Seneo Wireless Charger for iPhone X, 8 Plus and 8

Seneo is a trusted bet and offers an efficient charging solution. The charger stand holds your device vertically, allowing you to check email or watch the video.

Anti-slip mat endows it more stability; helping it stand firmly while holding your iPhone. LED lights allow you to keep a tab on charging status without any hassle. You can pick Seneo in two colors: black and white. Besides, you get the 18-month warranty on this durable wireless charger.

USP: Durable built-up Check out on Amazon


SINOPUREN Wireless Charger for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X

Last but not least, Sinopuren provides you a wireless charger with QC3.0 adapter. Note that not all wireless charger makers supply adapter. Equipped with high-speed charging technology, this wireless charger is safe for your iPhone. Your device is protected against overcharging, over-current, over-voltage, and over-heating.

If your iPhone case is less than 5mm thick, you don’t need to remove the case before placing your device on the charging pad. This smart charging pad quickly identifies the unsupported device.

USP: Identifies unsupported device Check out on Amazon

That’s it!

Your favorite?

Unlike AirPower, these wireless chargers lack multi-device charging technology. However, they are fully capable and offer an efficient charging solution. They may require the versatility of Apple’s wireless charging pad; they are convenient in living up to the task.

Rest assured, I will keep on updating this post to include more capable wireless chargers as they arrive on Amazon and elsewhere.