Maybe you are planning to settle in Japan or heading there for an exciting business purpose. Whatever could be your goal, you may want to have a good grip over the Japanese to be able to express yourself confidently. And this where the best Japanese learning apps for iOS can prove to be a well-timed asset for you.

These language learning apps come with highly interactive courses which you can easily practice. They also offer a pronunciation guide through audio and video clips so that you can express yourself like a native speaker.

Furthermore, these apps provide instant feedback and allow you to communicate with locals. Now pep talk is over, let’s explore the lineup to pick out your favorite iOS app to master Japanese!

#1. Duolingo

‎Duolingo Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Ranked as the number one app in the education category, Duolingo is the most accomplished language learning app for iOS. The best part about it is that it offers thoughtfully designed bite-size lessons which are easy to understand.

Aside from teaching Japanese, it lets you learn several other languages ( over 30) including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and more. Duolingo smartly personalizes your lessons based on your goal. Therefore, you can practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening with the help of a chatbot.

What’s more, you will keep track of how you are learning and also earn plenty of rewards for better performance.

Price: Free Download

#2. Learn Languages with Memrise

‎Learn Languages with Memrise Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Memrise” is what you need to have to master Japanese. It offers multiple interactive sessions such as Listening Skills, Speed Review, Classic Review, and Difficult Words to let you learn all the nuances of the language and practice them.

To ensure you can speak correctly with the right accent, you can record and compare your pronunciation with locals. Set daily goals to remember words and practice them while reading, writing and speaking.

The offline mode ensures your learning never has any interruption. Besides, to access all the courses and features that Memrise offers, you will need to subscribe to the premium ($8.99/monthly) version of the app.

Price: Free Download

#3. Rosetta Stone

‎Rosetta Stone Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As a language learner, you would really appreciate having “Rosetta Stone” at your disposal. The reason why this app can be vital is a simple but very effective teaching method.

It associates words with images so that you can easily understand their meaning. You will learn basic greetings, questions, and well-known phrases.

And, use TruAccent technology to enhance your accent. Moreover, the app provides you instant feedback when you read stories aloud so that you know whether you are on track or not.

Price: Free Download

#4. busuu

‎busuu Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It’s nothing but the consistent practice that makes a real difference when you want to perfect something. With busuu, you get much better grammar and vocabulary training. The ideally customized study plan enables you to learn conveniently.

You have the option to practice Japanese with native speakers and get the desired fluence. Thanks to the needed feedback, you have a better idea about how good you are and what you need to do to boost your performance.

Though busuu is free, you will have to subscribe to the premium plans ($ 9.99/monthly, $44.99/half yearly, $69.99/yearly) to unlock all the features.

Price: Free Download

#5. Drops

‎Drops Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Unless there is some fun-element into learning, it won’t appeal to our interest for long. Having given a long spin to “Drops,” I can say that it never lets boredom creep into learning.

It’s compatible with more than 32 languages including Japanese. Smartly curated wordlists of over 2600 words ensure you are able to get a better grip over everyday usage words. As each word is easily illustrated, you will be able to understand it without any difficulty.

Furthermore, Drops provides daily progress with a detailed report making sure you have a better idea about your learning and what are the areas where you need to focus more.

Price: Free Download

#6. HelloTalk

‎HelloTalk Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

HelloTalk comes with many smartly crafted tools to help you learn faster and more efficiently. Take advantage of features like grammar correction translation, transliteration, text to voice, and voice recognition to bolster all the pivotal aspects like reading, writing, listening and speaking.

You can chat with native speakers and try to speak fluently. To get started, search for partners based on the language you wish to learn and then start a long fun-filled conversation.

The voice and video calls option makes communication freewheeling. Moreover, you can create a group with your friends to stay connected or even join a large group to share ideas and get the needed motivation.

Price: Free Download

#7. Learn Japanese Easily from Wan Peng

‎Learn Japanese Easily iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one makes learning interesting and pretty straightforward. You will connect words with their respective images to get the meaning. And with the right pronunciation tool, you can learn how to speak each word correctly.

There is a super handy test mode to figure out your true level. It provides an insightful summary with a rating after the test.

Lastly, this Japanese learning app is available for free, but you will need to go for in-app purchase ($0.99) to unlock different courses like lesson bundle A. B, C, D, and E.

Price: Free Download

#8. Innovative 101

‎Innovative 101 Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When it comes to mastering any language, what comes in really handy is the perfectly designed course. And with Innovative 101, you get the course that’s readied to focus on all the aspects of learning.

Choose from different lessons based on your goal: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Use hundreds of audio and video lessons to enhance your speaking or writing skill. Also, take advantage of reading notes to bolster your reading skill.

It offers you the option to download the course as well so that you can practice it even offline. Moreover, keep an eye on how well you are learning and figure out the ways to boost your skill.

Price: Free Download

#9. Mango Languages

‎Mango Languages Japanese Learning iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Mango Languages” looks fully-featured to provide a more personalized learning experience. One notable feature of this app is the support for over 70 languages which make it a top-notch bet for learners.

Take part in real conversations to speak perfectly. And make the most of the pronunciation pop-ups to speak correctly. Plus, it also allows you to match your accent with that of the native speakers so that you can figure out the shortcomings easily.

Price: Free Download

#10. Learn Japanese from Howell Peebles

‎Learn Japanese iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What I’ve liked the most in this app from Howell Peebles is the interactive Japanese teaching method. The “Show” and “Quiz” style teaching makes learning more fun and understandable.

It provides easy to understand grammar lessons with vocabulary. So, you will be able to master both the rules of grammar and strengthen your vocabulary.

Moreover, you can keep a tab on your previously learned lessons and take the help of audio pronunciation to enhance your speaking.

Price: Free Download

I guess Japanese learning will no longer be a big deal for you. With so many highly interactive apps in the offing, get started right from today to speak with the needed command and flair.