Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most desired laptops out there. The Pro series stands out on the market thanks to its stunning design, power, and optimized macOS software. The MacBook Pro is designed for those who are in the market for a powerful and beautiful laptop. Last year, Apple refreshed its Pro lineup with Coffee Lake chips, True Tone screens, and increased RAM. However, the 2018 MacBook Pro failed to satisfy Apple in terms of shipments.

Apple is planning something new for its MacBook Pro series this year in an attempt to boost sales. We have seen a lot of rumors that the new Pro laptop will come with new screen size, the MagSafe connector, and improved design. Rumors recently confirmed that Apple will ditch the Touch Bar on its new MacBook Pro in favor of regular Escape and function keys. Besides, the new MacBook Pro will feature the next-generation Butterfly keyboard. Last year, Apple used the 3rd-gen Butterfly keyboard on all of its MacBook models, allowing for a better typing experience. So, we are expecting to see an improved keyboard and trackpad on 2019 MacBook Pro models.

In the section below, we have rounded up everything we expect from the 16-inch MacBook Pro. For some background, the 2018 MacBook Pro now starts at $1,799 for the model with 8th gen processor and 256GB SSD storage. Meanwhile, the maxed-out model costs up to $2,799 in the US.

Liquid Retina Display

Liquid Retina Display is Apple’s new screen technology used on the iPhone XR. The term aims to describe the next generation LCD display, allowing for better picture quality and more details. Sources say that the upcoming MacBook Pro will come with a new Liquid Retina display, but Apple will improve the technology to make it brighter and thinner.

We have heard a lot of speculation that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will feature smaller bezels while keeping the display bigger. The Retina display was first used on the MacBook Pro in 2012 and received mostly positive reviews. However, it remains unknown how Apple manages to build the Liquid Retina display into its Pro laptop.

ProMotion and Face ID

The ProMotion was first used on the iPad Pro family, a screen technology that delivers refresh rates of up to 120Hz for smoother scrolling and better responsiveness. Rumors say that Apple will bring ProMotion on this year’s MacBook Pro models, which allows the new Pro laptop to be more power-efficient and faster.

Face ID is Apple’s security measure that made its debut back in 2017. With Face ID, you can unlock your device with a simple glance. Face ID has made its way into the iPad Pro, and it’s likely that Apple will do the same thing this year. This may pave the way for TrueDepth camera on the front of the MacBook Pro. If this is the case, you will be able to unlock your laptop when you lift up the lid of your machine.

Better performance and macOS 10.15

The MacBook Pro receives a new hardware upgrade every year. Last year, Apple added the 8th generation Intel processors to its MacBook family for better performance. Sources say that the 2019 MacBook Pro will be powered by a new Intel chip that’s built using the 10nm process. This could result in speedier performance and better power efficiency. Rumors suggest that the new MacBook Pro will feature a bigger battery, allowing for up to 10 hours of battery life.

The new MacBook Pro will run macOS 10.15 at launch, but it remains unknown what Apple will call it. Sources say that the next version of macOS will come with better Siri integration, support for iOS apps and Cover Flow. macOS 10.15 will be announced at this year’s WWDC event which is set for June debut.

Apple T2 chip

Last year, Apple’s custom T2 chip finally made its way into the MacBook Pro after months of leaks and rumors. In reality, T-series chip is not something new as it once launched inside the 2016 MacBook Pro. Basically, the T2 chip takes care of the same tasks as its predecessor but gets a slew of improvements like an image signal processor or audio controller.

Sources say that the 2019 MacBook Pro will feature the T2 chip this year. If this is the case, the new chip will allow for more features like enhanced security and better Siri. Besides, the new Pro laptop will stick with AMD GPUs this year.