Football is a global phenomenon and if you’re interested in the sport, you’ll want to stay updated with scores, transfers, and other happenings as soon as they happen. What better way to support your favorite team than to be on the same page as them? You might enjoy playing sports games, but if you’re a hardcore football fan, you’re looking for a way to keep abreast of matches taking place in the real world.

In this edition there’s an app for that too, we’ll be looking at a selection of the top ten nifty football apps for iPhone and iPad which will help you track scores, match stats, see video highlights, and much more. Read on to find out!

#1. FIFA Women’s World Cup™

‎FIFA Women World Cup iPhone and iPad AppLet’s start with the classics. This is the official FIFA App. It’s currently listed in the App Store as FIFA Women’s World Cup, but this app will help you keep track of all FIFA goings-on. Users can select their favorite team and then receive updates about matches in real-time.

The app also allows users to follow matches through live reporter coverage. Users can even participate by voting on Player of the Match through the app’s interface. The Women’s World Cup is taking place in France, and the app also features educational content about the country, its stadiums, and the cities where matches are ongoing.

Price: Free Download

#2. Premier League – Official App

Premier League Official Football iPhone and iPad AppAre you a fan of the British Premier League? Can’t wait to see how the latest Man U matchup turned out? The Premier League’s official app is what you need. The app interface lets users check out live match blogs, view video highlights, and even manage your dream Premier League team. What’s not to like?

Price: Free Download

#3. Onefootball – Soccer Scores

‎Onefootball Soccer Score iPhone and iPad AppAs the name suggests, One Football aims to be the one and only football app you need. While we’d certainly suggest checking out the other options on this list, One Football is definitely a comprehensive solution. Users have access to minute by minute updated multimedia content about their favorite teams and players through the Following tab in the app’s interface. These include videos and professional news reports.

One Football also incorporates a TV guide, allowing you to find out exactly when you can watch your favorite team on the big screen. For owners of iPhone 6S and up, there’s even an innovative AR feature—aim your camera at a flat surface, and you’ll see the team line up there as if they’d popped into real life.

Price: Free Download

#4. SofaScore Live Sports Results

‎SofaScore Live Football iPhone and iPad AppWe’re honestly a bit put off by the name of this app: Any time you open it up; you remember that you’re wasting the best years of your life vegetating. But never mind that. Sofascore gives you live scoring update and analyses of players on a real-time basis. As with Livescore, Sofascore isn’t limited to just football: you can use it to see scoring updates for 25 sports.

Sofascore’s heat map functionality is particularly interesting: Users can see where exactly on the field most of the action took place in a given match. Sofascore’s sofa functionality is also handy—you can connect with other fans and chat.

Price: Free Download

#5. LiveScore

‎LiveScore Football iPhone and iPad AppLivescore isn’t shy about what it offers as an app: Live scoring updates for your beloved football matches. It provides users with real-time updates through the interface, and it’s plugged into feeds for all the major leagues. The interface also allows readers to read sports news and hear the commentary.

Livescore stands out among the other score tracking apps here because it’s not just football focused. You can use it to track scores in any of your favorite sports.

Price: Free Download

#6. FlashScores

‎FlashScores Football iPhone and iPad AppFlashscores is another live scoring app. Its emphasis is on wide coverage: It features score updates on over 9000 competitions around the world, with 1200 of these being football.

LiveScore gives users a real-time notification option—you can get notifications on your about scoring and, penalties, and other highlights. Flashscore’s live text commentary feature is also handy if you’re not in a place to hear spoken commentary: You can read it instead.

Price: Free Download

#7. All Goals

‎All Goals Football Score iPhone and iPad AppAll Goals is a football-focused scoring app. It offers live updates on matches in over 400 different leagues around the world. The interface allows users to check out team rosters, player statistics, team standing, and much more.

The video highlight feature is useful if you don’t have the time to watch an entire match but don’t want to miss the highlights: See exciting goals and other highlights for top matches, without the filler in between.

Price: Free Download

#8. Stats Zone

‎Stats Zone Football Score iPhone and iPad AppIf you’re a football stats geek, Stats Zone is the app for you! Stats Zone’s secret is its integration with Opta data feeds, a real-time sports data solution that professional teams use to analyze game performance.

Through the Stats Zone interface, users can evaluate passes, fouls, tackles, and many more match events on a per match, per team, and per player basis. Match statistics are available for a wide range of international football leagues so you’ll have stats for whoever you’re rooting for.

Price: Free Download

#9. Groundhopper

‎Groundhopper Football Score iPhone and iPad AppHardcore football fans—who actually go to matches and cheer their favorite teams on instead of watching from their living rooms—are nicknamed groundhoppers. This handy app gamifies the groundhopping experience by allowing you to compete with other groundhoppers to visit the most grounds or support your favorite club at the most matches.

The app’s interface shows you available match locations using geolocation, and you can then check in to matches you’re attending.

Price: Free Download

#10. BeSoccer

‎BeSoccer iPhone and iPad AppBeSoccer is a score tracking app, but it has a laser focus on football. Its match selection is wider than some of the other apps on this list, with support for over 40,000 competitions around the world.

The app’s interface presents users with full, yearly calendar of games, and team stats and player profiles updated in real-time. Similar to Sofascore, BeSoccer incorporates a chat functionality to help you keep in touch with other football fans.

Price: Free Download