Ever since iPhones started coming with high-resolution cameras, the photo editing apps on iOS devices have started coming up with better ways to enhance your photos. One of my favorite ways to edit my pictures is to Cartoonize my photos. There are tons of apps will do the job just fine, but we have selected the best Cartoon yourself apps for iPhone amongst all of them.

Editing Instagram worthy pictures is no less than art in itself. You have to take care of multiple things from the saturation to its contrast and whatnot. But, you don’t need a specific skill set to turn your pictures into cartoons. Plus, images that look like cartoons are all the more fun and have a lot of spunk in them. So, keep reading if you want to know which are the best iOS apps that will turn your ordinary pictures into quirky cartoons.

#1. Prisma

Prisma iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppNow there was this time before the ‘Age App’ came up, ‘Prisma’ was the app, that was the talk of the town app. Everyone wanted to give this app a try because of its ‘Cartoon Yourself’ feature. And after this app, a horde of other apps came in with the same features, but Prisma has managed to top the charts till now.

It has a wide range of filters to choose from and not to forget you could also upload them to the Prisma Community and to inspire others. You could also follow other community members to get inspired and connect with other members.

Price: Free Download

#2. FlipaClip

FlipaClip iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppDon’t just create fun cartoon images of yourself, rather make fun animations of cartoons. With this free iPhone app to cartoon your pictures and videos is a perfect app to make fun animations and videos.

It makes fun, frame-by-frame animations to bring express your creativity. Not only that you could also add some cool SFX (sound effects) and VFX (video effects). You can also take part in various contests to push your cartoon and animation skills.

Price: Free Download

#3. Clip2Comic

Clip2Comic iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppAside from having the live preview and camera integration features, this app lets you create your caricature. Now, caricatures have been spreading like wildfires, and there is no stopping them. It is like a step ahead of cartoon picture editing, although it is still a part of it.

Create unique caricatures and cartoons from your pictures and make a fantastic looking image. Apply multiple cartoon effects to your photos in just a few seconds. And, also apply the same effects to your videos to export and share high-resolution cartoon videos of your self. this is one of the best iOS apps to cartoon yourself.

Price: Free Download

#4. ToonCamera

ToonCamera iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppIf you have ever wondered how the world of Disney looks on the inside? Well, this app might be the solution to your curiosity. Toon Camera is not another photo editing app that has the cartoon yourself feature. Instead, it integrates the cartoon picture feature directly to the camera and shows you the world around in a cartoonized way in real-time.

Apply real-time cartoon and art effects to your camera and capture beautiful pictures and videos or simply convert your pre-recorded or captured videos and photos into Eccentric works of arts.

Price: $1.99 Download

#5. Photo To Cartoon Yourself

Photo To Cartoon Yourself iPhone AppMake yourself a part of the toon world with this free cartoon yourself app for iPhone. Simple UI and easily accessible presets would help you in creating fun cartoons in a couple of minutes. With limited presets, you won’t be much confused in selecting them, which if I might say is a pretty good thing. Because the more, the merrier is not always a good thing.

The App exports and saves your photos in a very high-resolution format that will avoid stretching, graining, and shrining of the images. I almost forgot to mention that you could also capture pictures directly from the camera integration feature of the app.

Price: Free Download

#6. Cartoon Yourself Video Effects

Cartoon Yourself iPhone AppMake your friends laugh by turning your ordinary selfie into a cartoon selfie. Change your boring selfie into a fun cartoon by perking up your usual smile or pout into a wacky facial expression. From broad smile to sad smile, from oops to wink and shrugs, you name it and say it.

Become a troll, an alien, a martian, a bulb-headed person, or just a freaky cartoon. It has a remarkably easy UI; all you have to do is to select a picture or take one and apply the effect you wish to add, add wacky facial features and stickers if you want to and there you have it.

Price: Free Download

#7. Sketch Me

Sketch Me iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppThis is easy-to-use iOS app can transform your pictures into cartoon, painting, or sketches in mere seconds. The app features multiple user-friendly presets to add the necessary elements to your everyday photos.

Upload the picture you wish to edit, apply your desired effect, adjust the colors, make other necessary changes, and boom you have a fantastic photo at your disposal. Share it across your friends and family and compare your cartoon skills.

Price: $1.99 Download

#8. MomentCam Cartoons

MomentCam iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppThis free iOS app to cartoon your pictures is everything that a non-techno person needs. With a straightforward interface, this app lets you express your emotions by creating funny cartoons and emoticons.

Add chat bubbles and text to your hilarious cartoons and emoticons, and make your friends and family laugh. It lets you change the facial expressions of your cartoons as well to make that image eve more fun and hep.

Price: Free Download

#9. Painnt

Painnt iPhone Cartoon Yourself AppHave you ever desired to get a portrait of yourself, but it is costly? Well, with this cool app, you could fulfill your desire at a much lesser cost. The Painnt app lets you create beautiful art masterpieces from your existing pictures along.

The app offers over 2000 filters that you could choose from to create beautiful masterpieces or memorable cartoon images of yourself. Not to forget it also allows you to create custom presets to make some beautiful images that will speak about you and your individuality.

Price: Free Download

#10. Moment cartoon caricature cam

Moment Cartoon Cam iPhone AppFinally, an app for people who love photography and want to make their pictures unique. With Moment cartoon caricature cam, you can create beautiful caricatures and cartoons from your iPhone for free.

This easy to use iPhone app to create cartoons comes with multiple customization oppositions like adjusting the brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, etc. It also removes any defects in the picture so that you have nothing but perfect images.

Price: Free Download