Your passion for water sports takes you underwater. But can you take your 2020 iPhone SE along? This second-generation iPhone SE can resist water up to one meter for 30 minutes. If you want to stay longer, you need waterproof protection for your device. To help you out, we have listed the best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof cases. Let’s check it out!

#1. Huakay

Huakay iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Case

Huakay presents a full-body IP68 waterproof case for your second-generation iPhone SE. Apart from being waterproof, it is shockproof, sand-proof, and dirt-proof. This allows you to enjoy all your favorite beach activities.

This case flaunts a fully sealed body that prevents water from entering your device, even while you are underwater. You can go 6.6 feet deep for one hour and take photos and videos of aqua beauty.

When not near water, this case protects your phone against shocks. Thanks to its tight body, the case is an all-weather friend of your iPhone.

Even as your phone is wrapped in a waterproof case, you can make calls and listen to music. And a notable feature is it does not block wireless charging. Hence, you can place your phone on a wireless charging pad without removing the case.


  • Slimmer and lighter body
  • Tight body
  • Clear back
  • Wireless charging support


  • Design needs improvement

Price: $21.99 Check out on Amazon

#2. Oterkin

Oterkin Waterproof Case for iPhone SE 2020

Although it is difficult to keep a slim profile of a waterproof case, Oterkin has achieved this task effortlessly. Although it has a thin body, the case offers protection against multiple injuries. Your iPhone is safe from water, scratch, snow, shock, and dust.

This case does not stop music lovers from listening to their favorite music. Moreover, users can always use this case like other cases for your iPhone SE 2020. Clear back and wireless charging compatibility makes this case all the more popular among iPhone users.

A full-body protective case allows you to go underwater and stay there for one hour. Note that you cannot go deeper than 6.6 feet. With its comprehensive protection, this case is a perfect accessory for adventure seekers.


  • Non-bulky design
  • Supports all phone functions
  • Shock-absorption corners


  • Sound quality could be better

Price: $21.99 Check out on Amazon


SPIDERCASE iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Case

SPIDERCASE is a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. It is IP68 certified case is fully sealed from all sides and corners. This fully covered case protects your phone while you are busy in your adventurous activities.

Since outdoor sports can damage your phone in many ways, SPIDERCASE has created a robust case. It can prevent damage from dirt, snow, shock, and dust.

A military drop-tested case can safeguard your phone against drops and shocks. Before shipping the case, SPIDERCASE has tested this case 100 times.

Precise cutouts and Touch ID compatibility make this case more popular among users. And there is a built-in screen guard. Yes, a screen protector guards your phone screen against scratches and cracks.


  • Built-in screen protector
  • 100 times drop tested
  • Touch ID compatibility


  • Difficult to install and remove the case

Price: $19.99 Check out on Amazon

#4. Temdan

Temdan Waterproof Case for iPhone SE 2020

Temdan has manufactured a waterproof and outdoor specialist for your iPhone SE 2020. This waterproof case is dedicated to enrich and improve your daily life. Take all the challenges of your life. Go for surfing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, or any other activity with confidence.

Design to overcome every harsh environment, this case has passed through underwater tests for 1000 times. You can take your iPhone 10 feet underwater for one hour.

Moreover, the case has also undergone a drop and durability test for a thousand times. Even if you drop your phone accidentally from a height of two meters, the device is secure.

Finally, a floating strap is a noteworthy feature. You will never lose your phone in the water as the case has a floating strap. A removable kickstand allows you to watch visual content and read eBooks comfortably.

The package includes a magnetic steel plate, therefore, you can install your iPhone on a magnetic mount.


  • Passed three tests (one-hour underwater; two-meter drop test; snap on/off durability)
  • Magnetic steel plate
  • Removable kickstand


  • Not a lightweight case

Price: $9.99 Check out on Amazon

#5. ProCase

ProCase Universal Waterproof Pouch

A universal waterproof case is more spacious for your 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2020. A bigger size pouch allows you to carry other items with you. You can easily store your credit/debit cards and banknotes in this waterproof pouch. This case can easily replace your wallet case for iPhone SE.

Although a pouch, it gives you quick access to your iPhone’s side buttons and touchscreen. 100% sealed and IPX8 waterproof standards let you enjoy all sports.

This case is attached with a lanyard, hence, you can handle your device comfortably. Alternatively, just hang the case around your neck and enjoy a stroll on the beach.

It is a 6.9-inch case that can accommodate other iPhones apart from your second-generation iPhone SE. The case is extremely useful to connect your AirPods, make & receive calls, capture selfies, and send SMS.


  • Bigger size
  • 100% sealed and IPX8
  • AirPods friendly


  • The pouch is not pocket-friendly

Price: $12.99 Check out on Amazon

#6. Stash Waterpockets

Stash Waterpocket Waterproof Phone Pouch

Instead of risking your premium phone in an ordinary case, use Stash Waterpockets iPhone SE 2020 waterproof case. Made of top-grade materials and superior construction, this case gives you peace of mind even underwater.

No matter where you are, you can go online, send text messages, emails, click photos, and shoot videos. Keep your iPhone secure and connected without missing anything.

An IPX-8 rated case has passed through multiple tests conducted by a leading verification company. When your iPhone is inside this pouch, it is completely submersible.

A heavy-duty nylon zipper and a folding Velcro flap seal your iPhone. This provides double protection against moisture and other elements like dust, dirt, and snow.

Don’t miss that leash attached to this pouch. Unlike any other ordinary lanyard, it is a nautical grade shock cord. It is hand braided and stretchable. You can tie, loop, or clip this pouch to your life jacket, belt, kayak, or any other beach gear.


  • Durable material; soft to touch
  • IPX-8 rated case
  • Heavy-duty nylon zipper+folding Velcro flap
  • Nautical grade shock cord leash


  • A leash and clips make this pouch heavy around the neck

Price: $29.95 Check out on Amazon


OTBBA Waterproof Case for iPhone SE

OTBBA has used high-quality TPU to manufacture this waterproof case for iPhone SE 2020. Although the case locks your phone inside its body, it does not reduce signal strength.

Explore the aqua world with this waterproof case. Go deep down to 6.6 feet underwater for two hours and enjoy the marine life. Apart from being waterproof, this case is a savior on the land as well. It can endure shocks and drops from 6.5 feet.

You are all set to take any challenge in harsh environments. Top grade TPU materials enhance shock absorption. A precisely designed case gives you quick access to all ports, buttons, and controls.

Don’t forget to check a built-in screen guard that protects your phone’s touchscreen. The screen protector does not compromise on sensitivity or clarity.


  • Ultra-light and slim design
  • Made of natural and lightweight material
  • Port covers prevent dust & dirt


  • Installation takes much time

Price: $21.99 Check out on Amazon


ORDTBY iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Case

It is not common to see a waterproof and fashionable case. ORDTBY has successfully integrated an element of style in the iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof case.

A lightweight case does not give you much fatigue. You can hold your device in hands for a long time.

ORDTBY waterproof case comes with a built-in screen protector. It is made of strong material, providing better protection to your iPhone.

The case never blocks signal; you don’t need to remove it too often, not even during charging your phone wirelessly.

A built-in screen protector has robust edges to provide much-needed support to your phone. This cover completely seals your phone and ensures protection against shock, water, snow, and dirt.


  • Transparent camera window
  • Flexible silicone keeps the case lightweight
  • Screen guard with a robust edge


  • Rough touch feeling

Price: $21.99 Check out on Amazon

#9. JOTO

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO brings a universal waterproof pouch for your iPhone SE 2020. It is spacious enough to accommodate other valuables like credit cards, ID cards, smart cards, and banknotes.

The package comes with a test paper to check the quality of this pouch. Insert the test paper in the pouch and submerge it underwater. If the paper becomes wet, you can return this product.

JOTO installs a secure locking design in this widely compatible pouch. A push and press button quickly opens and seals the pouch. You can also put your important documents like a passport in this pouch. A lanyard allows you to hold this pouch securely in hands.


  • A lanyard attached with the case
  • Secure locking design
  • Spacious to carry credit cards, banknotes, documents, etc.


  • Not a long-lasting companion

Price: $11.99 Check out on Amazon

That’s all friends!

Stay cool…

Summer and water are separate but equal. And to get full excitement of both, you need a high-quality waterproof case for your iPhone. It goes without saying that you love to keep your memories for a long time. And only the waterproof cases allow you to take beautiful photos and videos underwater. What is your favorite activity underwater? Share your memories with us in the Comments section below.