You might not have sat to think about it but Music has become an important asset to those of us who enjoy drowning out the sounds of the environment with sensational melodies, lyrics, and beats.

Whenever you’re on the move and most likely away from a Wi-Fi, you may not want to stream music and podcasts with your mobile data and that is why I have created this list of the best music download apps for Android devices.

1. Audiomack

Audiomack provides users with free access to millions of tracks, mixtapes, and albums which can be downloaded for offline listening.

It has a beautiful tabbed UI with sections for trending songs, top songs, top albums. You can also create unlimited playlists, browse playlists by mood, genre, etc.


2. Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader enables you to download music from multiple engines with multiple sound qualities at blazing fast speeds. It reportedly has over 1 million high-quality tracks that you can search by title, artist, genre, or album.

Mp3 Music Downloader

3. Free Music Download

Free Music Download gives you access to unlimited searching, streaming, and offline listening of high-quality sound music for free. You can search tracks, artists, and albums from Free Music Archive, Jamendo, ccMixter, and Last.Fm.

Free Music Downloader

4. Download Mp3 Music

Download Mp3 Music is a simple and fast music downloader app powered by Jamendo and Outly Limited with the ability to stream and download any song for only none commercial purposes.

Because it aims to inspire musicians, music lovers, and to maximize creativity, Download Mp3 Music focuses on offering songs from independent artists. Among its features are lyrics, multi-threaded downloading, embedded voice search, etc.

Download Mp3 Music

5. Free Music Player and Downloader

This Free Music Player is a free music player for YouTube and creative commons music. Its features include offline Mp3, FM radio, music streaming and downloading from Dropbox, Jamendo, and podcasts. It does not download audio content from YouTube or SoundCloud but it can be used for streaming their content.

Free Music Player

6. Music Downloader

Music Downloader enables you to sync and download music from Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox as well as music from Jamendo and podcasts for offline listening. It features a beautiful UI, syncing music content across connected devices, voice search, recommended playlists of charting music, etc.

Music Downloader

7. Download Pop Music

Download Pop Music allows you to download music and videos in several sound and video qualities. It is powered by Jamendo so all the music it contains is available under creative commons and intended for non-commercial uses only. You can search for tracks by artist name, track name, etc. and you can even download YouTube captions.

Download Pop Music

8. Google Play Music

Google Play Music allows users to stream music and radio channels as well as to upload their own collection of up to 50,000 songs and listen to them across Android, iOS, and the web for free. Its feature highlights include a beautiful and colorful UI, searching by artist, genre, mood, decade, etc.

Google Play Music

9. Super MP3 Music Downloader

Super MP3 Music Downloader contains a comprehensive collection of music from independent artists. Its feature highlights include a  simple UI, searching by genre and artist name, browsing by popular tracks, instruments, and moods.

Super MP3 Music

10. Download Mp3 Music

This Download Mp3 Music app is powered by Jamendo and the free music archive so users have access to millions of songs intended for personal use only. Its features include a fast downloader, lyrics display, download quality options, verified tracks, etc.

Download MP3 Music

Some applications e.g. Spotify did not make it to the list because although they are free to use, they require a subscription for downloading music to be enabled.