Those who enjoy puzzle games should count themselves lucky, as the genre offers a lot of variety. From the classic puzzle games to matching games and mazes, there is a wide selection of titles available for the puzzler in you.

So, if you like to sit down at your Mac and put your mind to work (without spending a fortune) we have a list of free puzzle games for you.

These puzzle games for Mac are all free, fun, and definitely worth your time and attention. So, grab your thinking cap and get ready to hone your puzzle-solving skills!

For Traditional Puzzlers

If you enjoy classic puzzle games, these freebies are for you. Match pairs, work with numbers, and assemble the pieces.

1. Mahjong Free

mahjong mac

Customize your game and play a traditional puzzler with Mahjong Free. Begin by choosing from 25 background options and a variety of tile styles. Then, sit back and enjoy the classic gameplay of Mahjong.

Mahjong Free provides options to shuffle the tiles, receive hints, and undo your last move. You can start a new game each time or pick up where you left off before. After you complete a puzzle, you move onto the next one with a different layout, for a little variety.

Download: Mahjong Free (Free)

2. Sudoku Epic

sudoku epic mac

Just pick a number and click a spot in the fun and challenging Sudoku Epic. This game offers two sizes of Sudoku with a daily challenge and Wordoku game. You can also choose your level of difficulty, which is great for expert players.

Via the game settings, you can enable highlighting of completed sets and duplicate numbers, change your input method, and display a timer. You can even adjust the tile color to your preference. Earn stars, complete goals, and enjoy Sudoku Epic for free.

Download: Sudoku Epic (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

jigsaw puzzles epic mac

If you don’t have any good physical jigsaw puzzles, this option for Mac is awesome. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic lets you choose from categories like animals, nature, windmills, and lighthouses. Once you pick a category, you can select your puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic provides options for you to rotate and choose the number of puzzle pieces. If your child is playing, you can set it for four pieces. Then, when it’s your turn, change it to 400 rotating pieces for the ultimate challenge. And for a relaxing experience, the game offers soothing background music.

Download: Jigsaw Puzzles Epic (Free, in-app purchases available)

For Teasing Your Brain

When you want to play puzzle games that tease your brain, choose one of these puzzle games for Mac. Plan your moves and think ahead while you have some fun.

4. Bind

bind mac

Leave no dot unattached or tile empty in Bind. Your goal is to connect dots of the same color by creating a path. Paths cannot overlap, all dots must be connected, and blank tiles are not allowed. Accomplish these three goals and move onto the next level.

This brain teaser provides 80 levels in its free version to keep you busy for a while, and each level is harder than the previous one. Bind has a simple concept that you have likely seen before, but still offers a challenge.

Download: Bind (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Rail Maze

rail maze mac

If you would rather get the train to the station than connect the dots, check out Rail Maze. This is a great wild west challenge—by flipping the track tiles, rotating directional pieces, and avoiding the dreaded pirate train, you’ll accomplish your task.

Plan your moves carefully in Rail Maze because your goal is not only to get the train to the station, but to do so safely. If you crash into an obstacle you will have to start again. There are currently over 100 puzzles, offering a great challenge.

Download: Rail Maze (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. 2048 Game

2048 Game on Mac

Another game that takes planning and brings numbers to the challenge is 2048 Game. The goal is simple enough… just get to the 2048 tile. But this sliding puzzle is anything but easy. You’ll need strategy, luck, and patience to succeed.

You want same numbered tiles to touch and thus combine into a new number. As the digits add up and the number of tiles increases, so does the difficulty to reach that golden number. Use your arrow keys, trackpad, or mouse to slide the numbered tiles up, down, left, or right.

If can get to the 2048 tile without filling the board, you’ll have bragging rights over your pals. But if you can’t, just see how high you can score.

Download: 2048 Game (Free)

For Matching Three

Match-three games are a dime a dozen, but these free puzzlers stand out. You can match flowers, fish, fancy gems, or feathered friends.

7. Gardenscapes

gardenscapes mac

If you like story-based games, then Gardenscapes is one you should try. This is a match-three game with a cheerful theme. Make matches to accomplish the level goals and earn stars to spruce up the mansion garden.

The game offers hundreds of levels, tons of silly characters, and loads of challenges. You may need to match a certain number of fruits or flowers, collect acorns, or complete objectives within the time limit. Each level brings a surprise in this colorful, enjoyable puzzle game.

Download: Gardenscapes (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Fishdom

fishdom mac

When you’re ready to move from decorating the mansion garden, create an aquarium home in Fishdom. Like Gardenscapes, this match-three game from Playrix is upbeat and delightful. You match pearls, turtles, seashells, and other watery objects.

Match more than three items to create special tiles like firecrackers and bombs to eliminate more tiles at once. As you work through the hundreds of levels, you earn coins to trade for more fish or decorations for your fish tanks. And, don’t forget to feed those fish to earn bonus coins.

Download: Fishdom (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Cradle of Empires

cradle of empires mac

Cradle of Empires is another match-three game with a neat story and theme. Rebuild an ancient city by collecting valuable items in each level. Match flowers, fruits, gold, and other cool objects within the move limit to earn rewards and XP.

When you get stuck, use bonuses like a hammer to crash a tile or the bomb to eliminate five at once. Like similar games, matching more than three items will give you special tiles to clear rows or groups of items.

Download: Cradle of Empires (Free, in-app purchases available)

For Making Mosaics

Use your gray matter to create colorful mosaics with these puzzle games for Mac. Put tiles in the right order or pieces in the correct spots and make cool pictures.

10. Mystery Mosaics 2

mystery mosaics 2 mac

If you enjoy graph-style logic puzzles, create an amazing image in the Picross game, Mystery Mosaics 2. In over 100 levels, you must correctly place the colors according to the numbers on the grid. Each mosaic is comprised of three colors and you can only fill one color in at a time.

For those new to this genre, number indicators by the columns and rows of the grid serve as your clues. You place tiles according to those numbers. For instance, if a column has a 3 and then a 2 under it, that row contains three tiles in a row, followed by at least one space, then the other two pieces. When you finish, you can view a nifty mosaic.

As a bonus, Mystery Mosaics 2 is story-based; you use your success to build a glorious kingdom.

Download: Mystery Mosaics 2 (Free, in-app purchases available)

11. Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast

fairytale mosaics beauty and the beast mac

Another game that lets you create neat images is Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast. However, this mosaic-creating game is more of a jigsaw puzzle with a twist. You see the finished image and then need to place the pieces correctly to reconstruct it.

The twist comes with the challenge of assembling the puzzle quickly, accurately, and completely. If you do this, you will receive a key for each of these goals. Earning keys will give you coins to unlock the subsequent puzzles.

Download: Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast (Free, in-app purchases available)

For Just Plain Fun

These games may not fit with the other categories, but they may just suit your puzzle preferences. Test your dexterity skills or word-making talents with these neat puzzlers.

12. Impossible Twisty Dots

impossible twisty dots mac

Impossible Twisty Dots is one way to test your quickness, aim, and reflexes. The premise of the game is simple. Shoot the dots into the middle dot without hitting another one. Place each dot successfully and move onto the next level.

It sounds easy, so now you’re wondering where the “impossible” part comes in, right? The center dot that you aim for twists or turns and slows down or speeds up without notice. You might be preparing to aim when, suddenly, the dot twists—causing you to hit another. When this happens, you must start the level again.

Impossible Twisty Dots offers thousands of levels to test your skills.

Download: Impossible Twisty Dots (Free, in-app purchases available)

13. Word Wow Big City

word wow big city mac

It wouldn’t be a puzzle game list without at least one word challenge. Word Wow Big City is a great free Mac game that is part word game and part puzzle game. Your goal for each level is to create words with the letters shown in order to move the worm to the bottom of the building.

You create words of three or more letters to blow up blocks and clear the worm’s path. The nice part is that the letters do not have to touch, but the catch is that you have limited time. So, plan carefully and select words with letters that will help the little worm. You’ll play through many challenging levels within each neat building setting.

Download: Word Wow Big City (Free, in-app purchases available)

Challenge Yourself With These Puzzle Games for Mac

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes, from word games to number challenges. So there’s sure to be at least one or two free puzzle games for Mac on this list that will be the perfect fit for you.