Have you ever wondered how you can preserve the battery health of your iPhone? If yes, Apple has got you covered. With the iPhone 15 series, you can restrict battery charging to 80%. But we weren’t willing to leave other users high and dry and came up with a workaround. Read on to discover how you can limit iPhone battery charging to 80%.

How to enable 80% charging limit on iPhone 15 or later

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and select Battery.
  3. Tap Battery Health & Charging to proceed.

    Tap Battery, Battery Health & Charging

  4. Choose Charging Optimization when prompted.
  5. Select 80% Limit to conclude the process.

    Tap Charging Optimization, 80% Limit

Note: In case you need to roll back these changes, you can follow the same steps.

With the iPhone 15 series, battery optimization not only prolongs the lifeline of your trusty companion but also adds a touch of tech-savvy sophistication. Sadly, this does not apply to old-gen iPhones.

But don’t fret; there is another way to get yourself equipped with this handy feature that will prolong your device’s battery health.

Limit battery charging to 80% on any iPhone

  1. Access the shortcut link of 80% Charge Alarm.
  2. Tap Get Shortcut to begin.
  3. When prompted, select the Add Shortcut option.

    Tap Get Shortcut, Add Shortcut

  4. Now, head to the Automation menu → Choose New Automation.
  5. Search for Charger → Select Charger from the results.

    Tap New Automation, Search for Charger

  6. Set the parameters as highlighted in the image below.
  7. Hit Next to proceed.

    Set the Automation, Tap Next

  8. Tap the My Shortcuts menu and choose the 80% Charge Alarm automation.

    Tap My Shortcuts, select 80% Charge Alarm automation

At the moment, whenever your device is put to charge and reaches 80% battery health, a ringing sound will be emitted.

Potential benefits of restricting iPhone battery charging to 80%

Now that you’re well aware of the ins and outs of this efficient battery add-on, let’s go through the benefits of this practice.

  • One major advantage is the prolonged lifespan of the iPhone’s battery. Lithium-ion batteries used in these devices degrade over time if continuously charged at max capacities.
  • Overcharging a battery can result in excess energy being converted into heat. If users restrict iPhone charging to 80%, they conserve energy and minimize the possibility of overheating in the long run.

Ultimately, adopting this technique can help iPhone owners enjoy longer-lasting batteries and ensure an optimal performance experience throughout their device’s lifecycle.


Will restricting charging to 80% affect my daily usage?

The impact on daily usage is minimal. Your iPhone will still function normally, but over time, you’ll notice a positive impact on battery health and longevity.

Are there any official Apple recommendations regarding battery charging limits?

As of writing, Apple recommends keeping your iPhone battery within the 20-80% charge range for optimal health.

Why is my iPhone draining battery quickly for no reason?

This issue is pretty common for iPhone users. But don’t you worry, as our detailed guide on battery drain has your back.

Em-Power your iPhone!

And there you have it, savvy iPhone users! You’re now armed with the knowledge to masterfully control your device’s charging habits, ensuring a prolonged and healthy battery life. Embrace the 80% charging cap and let your iPhone thrive with life.