Telegram bots are useful tools that can do everything from helping you streamline your productivity to keeping you abreast of the weather forecast.

There are thousands of bots available on Telegram. And these are the best Telegram bots available today. They may even tempt you to get rid of WhatsApp.

1. AirTrack

It's not easy to find cheap flights---there are so many providers and the prices change so frequently that it's hard to keep up.

If you'd like to make sure you're getting a good deal next time you book a plane trip, it's worth investigating AirTrack. Just tell the bot your desired route and it will let you know via notification when the price moves up or down.

2. Feed Reader

Contrary to popular belief, RSS isn't dead. It remains one of the best ways to stay abreast of the sites you care about.

Feed Reader is one of the most useful bots on Telegram. It works with regular RSS feeds, but can also read public Facebook pages, and YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

3. Song ID Bot

You can think of Song ID Bot as Shazam for Telegram. It can recognize and identify songs.

To use the bot, open a chat window and hold down the Record button. Release the button to send the recording, and, after a few seconds, the bot will tell you the name of the artist and track.

You can also use the bot to identify songs from screen recordings of Instagram.

4. IMDb Bot

The IMDb bot will scan the Internet Movie Database to provide details on movies you're interested in.

It can provide plot lines, actors/actresses, directors, trailers, ratings, and more.

5. Whale Bot

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum; the list of cryptocurrencies goes on. Today, there are thousands of altcoins out there. If you have a diversified portfolio, it's difficult to track the price movements you care about.

Crypto Whale might be able to help. It provides on-demand charts, prices, and market capitalization for most coins. It'll even let you know about upcoming ICOs.

6. Verify Bot

Like many other social media apps and platforms, Telegram highlights verified channels and groups with a blue tick.

Verify Bot is Telegram's official verification tool. It can help you get that prestigious blue tick on your own account. The bot will guide you through the entire verification process.

7. GetMedia

GetMedia lets you download photos, videos, and audio from most of the leading social networks and video sites.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Twitter are all supported. Just make sure you don't breach any copyright laws when grabbing content.

8. Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro technique is a time-management methodology. It introduces brief "rests" into your working day. According to the philosophy, you should split your time into 25 minutes of work and five minutes of respite, but use whichever split work for you.

9. HotelBot

HotelBot is another of the best Telegram bots. It is the perfect complement to AirTrack. It works in the same way, just let the bot know the name of the hotel and the city, and it will monitor the cost over time so you can make sure you book when the price is cheap.

Make sure you enable notifications so you don't miss the alerts as they arrive.

10. Skeddy

The core purpose of Skeddy is sending you reminders.

The bot can understand natural language, thus allowing you to set reminders with your voice. It can also create recurring reminders and postpone existing reminders.

11. Math Teacher Bot

Math Teacher Bot is a Telegram bot for kids. It will let your children practice their basic math skills through a series of questions that are based on the four basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Three difficulty levels are available.

12. Game of Thorns

Game of Thorns is an interactive story bot. You play the role of a poor villager in a medieval kingdom.

The aim of the game is three-fold: collect all of the hidden images, discover the history of your sword, and survive!

13. Auto Delete Join Message Bot

If you run a large Telegram group with thousands of users, the automatic message saying "[Username] has joined/left the group" can become annoying; it can overwhelm the flow of conversation.

By making this bot an administrator in your group, you'll never see those messages again.

14. Giphy GIF Search

A good GIF is a surefire way to brighten up a chat, or perhaps make people groan, depending on your standpoint.

Giphy GIF Search works across all your existing Telegram chats. Type @gif [search term] to find the perfect animation.

15. PronunciationBot

It takes years of frequent practice until you can say you're truly fluent in a new language, although with some well-deployed online language-learning tools you can be conversational quickly.

With PronunciationBot, you'll be able to convey your needs wherever you find yourself. The bot supports 84 languages.

16. Now Trending Bot

The Now Trending Bot monitors Google Trends, Twitter's Trending Now, and YouTube's trending videos so you'll always know what's hot.

17. Text to Speech Bot

If you struggle to type using an on-screen keyboard---or if you're just downright lazy---Text to Speech can help. As the name suggests, just start speaking and the bot will transcribe your voice into text. It can use both the and Google Speech backends.

18. Shieldy

Telegram and WhatsApp both suffer from their fair share of spam. Shieldy has a few build-in commands that'll help you to start fighting back.

For example, you can use it to ban users, remove users from groups who fail captcha tests, automatically delete links to other Telegram groups, and a lot more.

(Check out our guide to spotting WhatsApp spam to learn more)

19. PokerBot

Time for a bit of fun. PokerBot lets you play Texas Hold 'Em against both your friends and random Telegram users.

But rest assured that PokerBot is not a gambling app, and no money is involved.

20. Trello Bot

Trello is one of the web's most popular task management apps. If you're new to it, check out our article on the best Trello tips to learn more.

This bot lets you receive card events, perform actions, and create new cards. You will need to authorize the bot to access your Trello account.

Another Reason to Ditch WhatsApp for Telegram

These are the best Telegram bots we could find. And they all add useful and usable tools to Telegram. They might be all that you need to finally dump WhatsApp and go all-in on Telegram.

Another reason to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram is the range of Telegram channels you can join.