The 7 Best Thunderbolt Accessories for Your Mac

Thunderbolt is a hardware interface used for connecting accessories and peripherals to your computer. The latest iteration of the technology—Thunderbolt 3—uses USB-C connectors, meaning it’s also compatible with some Windows machines.

Best Solar Power Banks for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

Best Solar Power Banks for iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 to juice up your smartphone even when you are in the wilderness and there is no electricity but only the sunlight.

Best iPhone 11 Accessories

iPhone 11 is out, and lucky you if you already have yours with you. One thing that we are sure of is that you have already installed all the latest apps and tried all the features that the smartphone comes with.

How to Turn ON Siri Message Announcements Through Your AirPods in iOS 13

Don't want to miss an important message while you are driving, working or listening to music? turn on Siri message announcements through your AirPods in iOS 13 and let Siri read them and reply on your behalf.

How to Bookmark Skype Chat on Mac and iPhone

Skype is a great way to converse with an acquaintance, a colleague or a loved one. The application has further enhanced its interface with features such as chat bookmarks, split-screen, drafts and much more.

Top 5 Data Recovery Software for Mac

Anyone can accidentally delete an app or some data from their Mac. The problem is when the data is very important, and you just have to get it back. How will you get it back? You could use the Time Machine but what if you had forgotten to set the backup frequency?

Best Mac Font Manager Software in 2019: Make Text Improvement Easily

Rename, Organize, Sort, Choose, and Manage the fonts on your Mac efficiently with these best Font management tools for macOS. Use these apps, softwares or web-browsers at your disposal and have all your installed fonts organized.

How to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Google on Mac

Worried about your contacts while shifting your device, no need to worry!! Here's how you can easily transfer your iCloud contacts to Google in a simple manner while ensuring that you do not miss any contact.

How to Use Emergency SOS on Apple Watch to Quickly Call for Help

When an emergency situation comes your way, the SOS mode on your Apple Watch could be the difference between your drowning or surviving. Here's how you can enable this feature and use it when the need arises.

Best Free Cleaner for Mac in 2019

There are dozens of software that claim to clean Mac computers to protect your Mac against viruses. It is recommended to install software like since it could warn a security threat to files on your Mac.

Tips for Using Finder on Mac to Enhance Your User Experience

Finder could be easily one of the most used and yet underutilized apps in your macOS. Let us fix this issue with our bag full of Mac Finder tips and help you realize its full potential.

How to Enable and Use Taptic Time on Apple Watch in watchOS 6

If you like to keep track of passing time, but do not want to twist your wrist by glancing at your watch again and again. The watchOS 6 update of Apple Watch brings in a perfect solution with Taptic Time.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases in 2019: Go Vintage with Rich and Luxurious Leather Quality

If iPhone is class and luxury, then why not house these devices in luxurious cases? Explore the most premium and luxurious Leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max available and step out of your homes with a swoon-worthy phone and case.

How to Install Guest Tool on macOS VirtualBox with 128 MB vRAM

With no doubt, VirtualBox is perhaps the most popular tool for running macOS Virtual Machine. The problem is, running macOS on VirtualBox comes with its fair share of challenges and bottlenecks. This is often the case if the VirtualBox does not enjoy full CPU support or does not use a graphics card.

Best Free Antivirus Software for Mac

Since the day I came to know about Mac PC, a Product by Apple, I always knew that it’s safe and secure. It doesn’t need any protection like windows or Android against threats like Trojan, malware, viruses, and others. But is this really true? And does this stand for in this new era in which we are living today?