How to Batch Convert and Resize Images on Your Mac

Do you work with a lot of images at one time? Maybe you have a large group of images you need to resize to a consistent size and convert from PNG to JPG. Instead of changing each image separately, there are easy ways to quickly batch convert and resize images on your Mac.

How to Know Your Internet Download and Upload Speed on Mac

Knowing the internet speed is important as it lets you approximately figure out how much time it will take to download a file or an app. In this guide, I will tell you how to see your internet download and upload speed on Mac. We will start with the easiest method. After that, I will also show you some additional ways to know information about the network you are connected to.

iPad Not Showing up in Sidecar? How to Fix it

For some users, the iPad is not showing up in Sidecar. As per reports, the problem occurs during both wireless and wired connections. Though I haven’t faced any such issues on my Mac, I can spot the culprits hidden behind this issue – primarily based on my experience. So, if you are on the lookout to fix Sidecar not working issue, you are at the right troubleshooting guide. Let’s get rid of the snag right away!

Best Apple Watch Bluetooth Headphones in 2020: Ultra-Stylish Design and Fabulous Sound

Apple Watch is a more personal device as it always rests on your wrist. Though the smartwatch may not be as powerful as iPhone, it can carry out quite a few things like letting you listen to your music perfectly. So, if wish to listen to music via your wearable device in style, we have lined up the best Apple Watch wireless headphones.

Best Mac Monitoring Software of 2020: Monitor Your Child’s Internet Activities

While the Internet is many things right, it is not always age-appropriate or safe for your little ones. Kids these days are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and just monitoring their screen time is not enough. We need something more comprehensive such as parental control software for Mac.

How to Disable Turbo Boost on your Mac to Improve Battery Life

In case you aren’t aware, the Apple MacBooks are loaded with Intel Processors. These processors have a technology called Turbo Boost, which speeds up the processes. Sadly, Apple has given no control to the user in regards to disabling or enabling this function. On the other hand, having this function active eats a lot of MacBook’s battery.

EasyAcc iPhone XR Battery Case: A Robust Asset for Power Users

Featuring almost the same specs as those of iPhone Xs/Xs Max at a much less price point, iPhone XR is a flagship killer – at least for those who are willing to break into Apple ecosystem.

Best Spotify Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Apple Music enjoys the advantage of being the default music streaming service. It integrates directly with iOS and Siri. But for many users, Apple Music is second-rate. Unable to match the superior design, interface, and recommendations of the Spotify app. If you’re curious about Spotify or if you want to switch over to it, here are a couple of Spotify tips and tricks for iPhone to get you started.

How to Buy Replacement AirPods Pro Ear Tips

Undoubtedly, the ear tips in the AirPods Pro are a beautiful addition; after all, they contribute to the much-coveted feature: noise cancellation. Notably, they are also prone to wear and tear or can even go missing, arising the need for a replacement.

Best Custom Apple Watch Faces

On an Apple Watch, the watch face is your main way to interact with the device. Along with the most important task—telling the time—it lets you view other data and even jump directly to apps using complications.

The 10 Best Music Download Apps for Android

You might not have sat to think about it but Music has become an important asset to those of us who enjoy drowning out the sounds of the environment with sensational melodies, lyrics, and beats.

How to Set Up and Configure VPN Connection on iPhone and iPad

Using a VPN on iPhone and iPad is a better way to ensure the security of your devices. You can effortlessly use apps downloaded from the App Store to connect to a VPN. The Cupertino-based tech giant also allows you to add VPN Configuration to your iPhone and iPad manually. Apple devices have excellent VPN support.

MacBook Cursor Jumps While Typing? 7 Fixes to Try

Does the cursor on your MacBook or MacBook Pro jump around every time you start to type? Maybe it moves all over the place with a mind of its own? One minute you’re typing away, then it starts highlighting random text and messing up your work.

The 14 best Apple Watch faces for your smartwatch

Everyone wants to get their Apple Watch looking its best – and cool watch faces and complications are the easiest place to start.

iPhone Headphones or AirPods Only Plays in One Ear? How to Fix It

It’s frustrating when your AirPods or earphones aren’t working. And it’s even more frustrating when it just plays in one ear. Several people have faced this issue in the past and it got my attention right away! So why not fix this issue of your iPhone headphones or AirPods not working in one ear? Sounds good, right? So let’s get started.