What Is Web 3.0 and How Will It Help You?

Although the Web has made many advances over the years, many users remain concerned about the limits placed on them by its current structure. For this reason, among others, a growing number of people believe Web 3.0 offers superior experiences.

Best interactive story games for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Featuring the killer combination of storytelling and gaming, the rising popularity of interactive story games for iPhone and iPad comes as no surprise. These games let you play with your imagination and witness your fantasies in real-time.

Best music player apps for iPhone and iPad

It hadn’t been long that I felt the need to have a music player app for my iPhone and iPad. For a lot of reasons, Apple’s built-in Music app just didn’t sit with me. Although it supports everything that demands proper music playback, it lacks a lot of useful features. If you think the same, this curated list of the best music player apps for iPhone and iPad is for you.

How to Take Screenshots on MacBook Pro M1

As a new MacBook user or someone who has been using one for quite some time, it is important to know how to take screenshots. While there has been an in-built tool for capturing screenshots on Windows for a long time, up until the release of Mojave, macOS did not have an in-built tool. After the release, however, and with the latest macOS Big Sur update, there are many ways to take screenshots on a MacBook.

Best USB-C card readers for Mac

Over the past few years, USB-C has become the preferred connector. In supporting this theory, Apple only has USB-C cables, which has left people looking for USB-C card readers for Mac.

Best telescopes for iPhone to explore the night sky

There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of stargazing on a clear night and beholding the twinkling mysteries of the universe. A telescope is a dream invention because it helps us get a closer look at the celestial wonders. And did you know that you can use telescopes with your iPhone too? This makes it possible to capture amazing photographs of the moon, stars, and planets. Moreover, you can also use it to observe and record animals, birds, landscapes, etc.

How to fix Instagram notifications not working on iPhone

Instagram sends you notifications for new direct messages, followers, likes, etc. These keep you on track with the latest improvements. However, if you are not receiving the Instagram notifications on your iPhone, you have come to the right place. I have listed 10 tested solutions to fix the Instagram notifications not working issue successfully.

How to use AirPlay on Apple Watch running watchOS 7

AirPlay on Apple devices lets you stream songs and videos to other AirPlay-compatible speakers and TV. But here’s the less-known fact – you can also use AirPlay on your Apple Watch. It has an AirPlay audio icon in its Control Center (accessed by swiping up from the watch screen’s bottom). This makes it possible to choose which device you are playing the song on. Let me help you understand how to use AirPlay on your Apple Watch.

80 Most Used Essential Linux Applications

2020 has been an awesome year for a lot of applications, especially those that are both free and open source. And while various Linux distributions come with a number of default apps, users are free to take them out and use any of the free or paid alternatives of their choice.

Mouse Not Working on Your Mac? 10 Tips to Fix It

Do you have trouble getting your mouse to work correctly on your Mac? Whether it's a Magic Mouse or a third-party Bluetooth, wireless, or wired mouse, you're bound to run into mouse issues at some point.

Best stargazing apps for iPhone and iPad

Ever looked at a unanimous object in the sky and couldn’t get it out of your mind? Fortunately, we are born in an advanced tech age, which gives us the privilege to quench our curiosity right from our smartphones. From meteor showers to gazing at the celestial objects in the night sky, here are the best stargazing apps for iPhone and iPad to help transform your smartphone into a portable planetarium.

How to Import Passwords & Logins from Chrome to Safari on Mac

Are you planning to switch from Google Chrome to Safari as your preferred web browser on your Mac? If so, you’ll probably want to import all of your saved bookmarks, passwords, and logins to make the transition between browsers easier.

How to Use Fast User Switching in macOS Big Sur

In macOS Big Sur, Apple includes a feature that will be familiar to Windows users, called Fast User Switching. As the name suggests, it lets you switch user accounts quickly and easily, without having to log out or restart your Mac.

How to use Signal app on iPhone

The Signal app has become the hot topic of the town! People are rushing to download and take it for a spin. And my friends and family have taken it to the next level by calling me incessantly to install Signal – Private Messenger! I finally gave in and downloaded the application!

Best Thunderbolt 4 Monitors

Announced at the CES 2020, Thunderbolt 4 is the next-generation technology with the capability to transfer data, carry video output to display, and power your PC and Mac M1 using a single USB-C cable. There are certain minimum specifications that Thunderbolt 4 is guaranteed to meet that makes it the most comprehensive solution available from USB-C connectors.