What to do when you lose an AirTag

If you can't track down an AirTag, or if yours is somewhere you can't reach without help, here's how to turn on Lost Mode.The first thing you're going to do when you've lost an AirTag is look for it with the Find My app. If you're fortunate, most of the time you'll see the item and can go straight to it.

9 Ways to Find Your Mac's Serial Number

Every Mac device has a serial number that tells its unique story. Mac serial numbers can show information such as purchase, manufacturing, or configuration details. However, they can also be a security risk when left unprotected.

8 Ways to speed up a slow iPhone

Dealing with a slow iPhone? There are various reasons why your iPhone might’ve slowed down, such as insufficient memory, too many background processes, outdated software, etc.

How to Open & Extract RAR Files on iPhone & iPad

Have a RAR file you need to open on iPhone or iPad? Did you receive a RAR file from one of your colleagues via email or any messaging platform? If you tried viewing it, you may have noticed that you’re unable to uncompress the file using the native Files app. Fortunately, there are other ways to view the contents of a RAR file on your iPhone.

How to Forward iCloud Mail to Other Email Address Automatically

Have an iCloud email address that you’d like to forward the emails from automatically to another email address? Many of us have multiple email addresses that are used for various different purposes, but if you’d like to have your iCloud emails automatically forward to another address, you’ll find that’s pretty simple to do.

The 5 Best Mac Image Viewer Apps With Unique Features

Finder’s Gallery view lets you scroll through folders of photos on your Mac with an enhanced preview pane and rich metadata. Preview works fine for basic use, but it lacks navigation controls, superior viewing experience, and other features.

How to set an alarm on Apple Watch

Whether you want to set a wake-up alarm or hourly reminders for your tasks, the Apple Watch alarm app manages it effortlessly.Just like your iPhone, the watch also sports a snooze option. So without further delay, let’s take a look at how you can set an alarm on Apple Watch.

How to Cut & Trim Video on iPhone & iPad with iMovie

Do you want to cut and trim some of the videos you captured on your iPhone or iPad, perhaps to remove the unwanted portions, shorten the length, or otherwise make the video more appealing? With the iMovie app that’s available for iOS and iPadOS devices, this is a fairly simple and straightforward procedure.

How to Get Verified on TikTok: 10 Tips

Having the blue checkmark next to your name on TikTok has become a status symbol and a goal many users strive for. The verification badge increases your exposure, authority, and general street cred on the platform.

How to reset SMC on Mac and why you might want to? (Intel-based Macs)

SMC stands for system management controller. When you face problems with your Mac and restarting does not solve it, you can reset the SMC. This can fix issues related to power, thermal, fans, charging, keyboard backlighting, battery, and more. The process depends on which type and model of Mac you have. Before learning how to reset SMC on any Mac, let us understand why you might want to do it.

10 Best ways to fix Zoom not working on Mac

Have a significant office or client meeting, and Zoom is not working on your Mac? Well, besides frustration, this can lead to potential monetary loss. Thankfully the solutions here will most certainly fix the problems you face using the Zoom app on your Mac.

Best radio apps for iPhone and iPad

Radio is a medium that hasn’t lost its relevance even in today’s digital age. Moreover, with an abundance of radio apps for iPhone and iPad, you can tune in to stations from around the world, anywhere, anytime.

Best VPNs for Mac M1: Rosetta or Universal Apps

The best Mac M1 VPN should run as needed and keep you safe even when using a free WiFi connection. With a VPN, you will have zero restrictions on the content to view. Therefore, it's crucial to deploy a top-notch Mac M1 VPN every time. Keep reading this post and learn about the best VPNs for Mac M1!

How to download Twitter videos on iPhone and Android

At times, you may want to download a Twitter video on your smartphone for sharing it with someone, watching it repeatedly without the internet, or for evidence. While the official Twitter app and the website make it easy to save images, there is no official way to download videos locally. Well, there’s a workaround!

macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur, unveiled in June 2020 at WWDC, is the newest version of macOS, was released on November 12. macOS Big Sur features an overhauled look, and it's such a big update that Apple bumped the version number to 11. That's right, macOS Big Sur is macOS 11.0.