13 Things you need to do before selling your old iPhone

Are you planning to sell your old iPhone to churn out some extra cash for a newer model? Before you do, there are several crucial steps you must take to ensure that your personal data remains secure and the transition to the new owner is smooth. So, in this in-depth guide, I’ll walk you through all the essential tasks you should perform before selling your old iPhone.

iPhone 15 Series features, design, price, camera and more

Apple has announced the new iPhone 15 series at its Wonderlust event. There are some major improvements to the iPhone lineup this year including the new USB-C charging port, Dynamic Island on non-Pro iPhones, and a major camera reva,p across the lineup.

Best Large Mouse Pad in 2023

Imagine expanding your workspace area effortlessly, thanks to these larger-than-life mouse pads. Their generous dimensions not only facilitate fluid mouse movements but also introduce a new level of flexibility. Whether you're at your desk, on the go, or even lounging on the couch, these pads adapt to your needs.

How to change iPhone backup location on Mac and Windows

Are your iPhone or iPad backups taking up much storage space on your Mac? Finder stores your iTunes backups in a default location on your Mac. However, you may move those files to an external hard drive and back up your iPhone to a different location. In this blog, I will show you how to change iPhone backup location on Mac.

MacBook Pro Fan Always On, Loud Or Not Working

A MacBook Pro fan should always be on. However, it should not be excessively noisy or running at a high speed all the time. If it is running at maximum RPM (usually about 6000 on a MacBook Pro), this indicates there is software running on your Mac that is stressing the CPU or GPU.

MacBook battery draining in sleep mode? 9 Ways to fix it!

Have you ever had the perplexing experience of closing your Mac for the night, thinking it’s safe and sound, only to wake up and find its battery is dead? I have been there quite often, so I tried and tested some workarounds. Like a true friend, I am here to share the simple fixes that helped me resolve the issue of my MacBook battery draining in sleep mode.

How to fix self-assigned IP address issue on Mac

Is your MacBook struggling to access the internet, though your Wi-Fi or Ethernet works fine? This can be due to the self-assigned IP error on your Mac. Worry not! In this guide, I’ll share how to fix the internet not working due to a self-assigned IP address issue on your Mac to regain a stable network connection.

Is macOS Sonoma Slow? 9 Causes and Their Solutions

Are you grappling with a sluggish Mac after upgrading to macOS Sonoma? This latest macOS version boasts new features, but its Developer and Public Beta versions have introduced bugs, memory leaks, and unfinished functionalities, resulting in an unstable system. Users have reported errors and reduced speed post-update, prompting a need for solutions.

iPhone won't back up to iCloud? 12 Ways to fix it!

While iCloud backups are designed to protect your precious data in case something goes sideways, there are times when users express concerns that iPhone won't back up to iCloud. In case you've also run into the same issue on your devices, here are a few solutions to help you fix it!

iPhone Voicemail not working? Best fixes explained!

Suppose you couldn't answer someone's call and want to see if they have dropped an important message in your Voicemail inbox. But there's no way to listen to these messages if your Voicemail stops working suddenly. And that can be uncomfortable, requiring an immediate fix. Here, I will share tried and trusted solutions on how to fix your iPhone Voicemail not working.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for iPhone: Master the battle royale

Welcome to the world of PUBG/BGMI, where your imagination meets reality in the form of a first-person shooter game. If you're an active iPhone gamer, it would be impossible for you to stay away from the most popular battle royale game of all time. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, mastering PUBG Mobile on your iPhone is a journey worth embarking on.

How to create Safari profiles in iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

At WWDC23, Apple announced the rollout of Safari profiles for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma. Safari profiles let you create separate browser identities tailored to specific needs. So, whether you're a power user, a privacy-conscious individual, or someone who loves being organized, Apple's new feature has you covered. If you are excited to use this feature, just follow the steps outlined in this article!

Best Monitors for MacBook Pro M2 in 2023

MacBook Pro users in 2023 have a lot to be excited about with Apple's next-generation MacBook line coming out with the new Apple Silicon M2 processor. This means improved performance, battery life, and more! But, when it comes to choosing the best monitor for MacBook Pro, there are plenty of great options on the market today.

14 Ways to fix iPhone Continuity Camera not working on Mac

While Macs are powerful and fast machines, their cameras aren't as good as that of iPhones. The good thing is that with Continuity Camera, Apple lets you work with both your iPhone and Mac within the ecosystem so that you can use your iPhone's high-quality camera as your Mac's webcam and add-on features like Portrait Mode and Studio Light.

How to set location-based reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

With so many tasks on our plates these days, it's hard to remember every little thing. With the Reminders app, you can set up reminders that are based on arriving or leaving a location. "Text me when you get home," "Don't forget milk when you leave work," or "Schedule that meeting when you arrive at the office" are all things that you can easily overlook. Let's look at how to set up a location-based reminder on iPhone, iPad, and Mac so that you don't forget a thing.