Best Free DAWs for Mac

A Mac is a great computer for making music on, simply because there are so many digital audio workstations (DAWs) available to use with it. The best DAWs for Mac let you record instruments, capture MIDI performances, edit audio files, and export quality mixes.

How to Make App Folders on iPhone & iPad

Do you want to make folders to organize the home screen on your iPhone and iPad? Most of us have several applications installed on our iOS and iPadOS devices, and more often than not, the home screen is quickly a mess. In order to clean it all up, you’ll need to make use of the app folders functionality that iPhone and iPad has to offer.

The 9 Best Free Photo Editing Apps on iPhone

Your iPhone takes beautiful photos, but the right apps can make them even better. Most photographers accept post-production as a part of their workflow, but a lot of the time our smartphone images miss out on this important step.

Best External SSD for Mac in 2020

We all love saving tons of photos, videos, and even movies on our laptops. So the default in-built storage on a MacBook can quickly run out, especially if you’ve been using it for a while. That’s why it’s handy to get an external drive too on which you can easily transfer all your big files. This will ensure your computer always has sufficient space.

Your Mac Keeps Shutting Down Randomly? Here’s What You Can Do

You’re working on an assignment, surfing the web, or doing some other important task. Suddenly, your Mac shuts down randomly—and apparently, for no reason. Usually, this is just a one-time occurrence and never happens again.

Best VPN Services with Lifetime Subscription

To protect your privacy when you are online at home or at a public place (such as an airport or a café), you may want to consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN. This guarantees that data transmissions from your network to the open Internet and are encrypted.

How to Use the Files App in iOS 13 and iPadOS Like a Pro

The Files app is the native file manager on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 and iPadOS. It is user-friendly and keeps your storage organized. Moreover, it also supports third-party cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. So it’s convenient to use the Files app on your iPhone and iPad to access all your photos, videos, PDFs, and documents in one place. Whether you are a beginner or a long time user, check out this handy guide.

Best iPhone SE 2020 Waterproof Cases in 2020

Your passion for water sports takes you underwater. But can you take your 2020 iPhone SE along? This second-generation iPhone SE can resist water up to one meter for 30 minutes. If you want to stay longer, you need waterproof protection for your device. To help you out, we have listed the best iPhone SE 2020 waterproof cases. Let’s check it out!

Best Mac Weather Apps

If you’re stuck working at a Mac all day, it’s difficult to know what the conditions are outdoors. But there’s no need to guess when you have the right tools.

How to Turn Off Safari Private Browsing on Mac

Private tab in Safari is useful for temporarily logging in to a different social account, preventing yourself from web trackers profiling you, or browsing the web privately. However, if you hand over your Mac to someone else, especially kids, at times, it becomes important to know what they do on the web.

How to Disinfect Your Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad

Our most used gadgets and tech accessories are magnets for germs. This is because we touch them so often and rarely clean them properly. To stay healthy and protect yourself, it’s a must to disinfect your phone as well as disinfect your keyboard and mouse.

Most Common macOS Catalina Beta Problems and How to Fix Them

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced macOS Catalina after months of relentless rumors. The new generation macOS does not bring a significant change to the OS, but it has a whole lot of new handy things that make your daily tasks much easier. macOS Catalina will be available this fall, but Apple has started seeding the first beta for testing purposes. This is Apple’s traditional way of collecting and analyzing user feedback ahead of a public release.

Best budget fitness trackers: Cheap Fitbit, Samsung and Xiaomi bands

If you're looking for a budget fitness tracker – or a cheap Fitbit – there are plenty of decent options out there. In 2020, there's no need to be paying over $50/£50 for a fitness tracker.