macOS 10.14 Mojave Apache Setup: MySQL, APC & More...

Developing web applications on macOS is a real joy. There are plenty of options for setting up your development environments, including the ever-popular MAMP Pro that provides a nice UI on top of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

10 Free Internet Download Manager (IDM) For Apple macOS X

Download Accelerator Plus, also known as DAP is the most popular download manager of all times. They’ve been around for more than almost 20 years.

Best VPNs for iPhone in 2019

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not something new out there as it has been around for years. Using a VPN is pretty useful if you want to stay anonymous online or access blocked content and websites out there.

Recover Data on your Mac with Ease using EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

Recover data on your Mac with EaseUS Mac Data Recovery software. It can dig deep in to file system and fetch the files you need the most. Here's the first-hand experience using the app.

How to Use Apple Remote Desktop to Manage Mac Computers

Apple Remote Desktop is a powerful app that lets you control all your Macs in one handy place. It takes enterprise-level management tools and puts them in your hands. You can use it to screen share, send files, install apps, run scripts, and more.

How to Password Protect a Folder on Mac

As most of us would like to keep private info away from prying eyes, I thought it would be apt to create a quick hands-on guide about how to easily encrypt a folder on macOS.

iPhone Won’t Back Up to iCloud? 9 Fixes to Try

It’s easy to back up your iPhone. So easy, in fact, that your iPhone normally backs up automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. However, this doesn’t always go according to plan; sometimes your iPhone fails to back up.

How to Use Real Time Text (RTT) Calls on Mac and iPhone

For the hearing-impaired, email and chat work just fine in many cases that would otherwise require a phone call. Even so, there are times when you need to communicate more quickly.

Best free GPS apps for iPhone 2019

Satnav technology has migrated to your pocket and your dashboard. We round up the best GPS map and navigation apps for iPhone and iPad, many of which also work offline, so you can navigate without data charges.

Best music download apps for iPhone you need to check out

Music streaming services have been part of our life for years. In reality, there is a load of music streaming platforms out there that offer different ways to explore music.

The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Safari on Mac

Safari can be a pleasure to use if you take the time to customize it and get rid of any potential annoyances. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this task.

How to free up memory (RAM) on a Mac

If your Mac has slowed down it's possible that your RAM is being used to the max. Here's how to free up memory on a Mac (or how to free up RAM), including ways to reduce Mac RAM usage without restarting.

How to speed up a slow Mac

Wondering why is my Mac running so slow? Desperate to speed up your Mac? Here are some performance tips to speed up your Mac or MacBook and make it run faster.

How to Install and Use Microsoft Office on Linux

The most widely used office productivity suite in the world is Microsoft Office. It doesn’t matter if your PC runs Windows 10 or macOS, it’s likely that you’re using Microsoft Office. If you’re not, you have a colleague who is.

The Best Music Production Software for Audiophiles

Choosing the best music production software isn’t easy. Audio technology has improved so quickly that almost every piece of software claims to do it all. There are, however, still some important distinctions you should bear in mind.

The 5 Best Mac Benchmark Apps to Measure Your Mac’s Performance

Your Mac’s cursor has turned into that dreaded spinning color wheel way too much lately. You think you might need to upgrade your Mac, but how do you know for sure? Using benchmark tests can help you make that decision.

What makes a good AR or VR headset and why Apple is positioned to dominate the space

If Apple is working on a VR or AR headset, it is certainly aware of the different technologies and concepts already used in the market, including the benefits and pitfalls that can be encountered. AppleInsider provides an overview of the current state of the two technologies, and what Apple needs to consider for creating its own headset design.