Complete Guide on How to Remove Other Storage on Mac

Do you wonder what is Other storage on Mac and why does it eats up so much space? Along with the answer to this perplexing question, we also have tips and trick on how to clear the Other storage on Mac. Just read along to retrieve plenty of precious storage on your Mac.

My Apple Watch Not Counting Steps [How to Fix the Issue]

Apart from checking the clock for time, one of the best things Apple Watch does is to monitor your activity – physical. Apple Watch tracks your physical movement and keeps a record of steps walked or calories burned. This is highly useful when you are out for a walk or working out in a gym.

How to Offload Unused Apps on iPhone or iPad to Free Up Storage

If you’re a photo or video fanatic, your iPhone is sure to occupy a huge chunk of storage for it. And this where you run out of storage on your iPhone. In such cases, when you aren’t using an app, you can simply offload the app right away.

The 10 Best Apple CarPlay Apps for iPhone

Apple CarPlay apps make the iPhone great while on the road. If you have a compatible vehicle, CarPlay makes it easy to navigate, respond to messages, and play music. Let’s take a look at some of the best CarPlay apps you can use on your iPhone.

The 6 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

There’s no need to head to a Mac or PC to create a custom movie using photos, music, and video. As iOS hardware continues to become more powerful and get closer to a true computer, there are a plethora of video editing apps that allow you to edit and create a video from different media files.

How to Export Health Data from Your iPhone

If you keep a track of your fitness using the stock Health app, you would need to know the ways and means to export and import Health data on your iPhone. Read more to find out!

How to Block Websites in Safari on Mac: 3 Methods Explained

Do you want to restrict people from accessing particular websites on Mac? There are three ways to block websites in Safari on Mac running macOS Catalina or earlier. Let's check out each of them.

Run Windows 10 in macOS Catalina with a Free Emulator

VirtualBox is a free program that allows you to install and run a different operating system within another OS. In this case, you will be able to install Windows OS on your Mac and run any of its software and applications. In other words, think of it as a free windows emulator for mac which allows you to take full advantage of various Windows OS software and applications without ever damaging or changing the software and hardware of your main operating system.

10 Best Tips to Speed Up Your Mac Running macOS 10.15 Catalina

After the official release of macOS Catalina, millions of Mac users have downloaded this system. However, this updated operating system of Apple comes with its own major or minor glitches. And the biggest toll it takes on speed. But no worries! We have come up with some solutions and tips to speed up your Mac running macOS Catalina.