Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone

Since the disappearance of the 3.5mm headphone jack on many iPhones, wireless headphones are an essential accessory. You can get earphones with neckbands or opt for traditional over-ear styles or even the latest compact earbuds. If the latter two are what you’re looking for, keep reading for our exclusive roundup of the best wireless headphones for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

How to Wipe a Mac Remotely

Certain unfortunate circumstances can call for you to remotely wipe your Mac. Similar to when you remotely erase your iPhone, this deletes the data and files on your system without physically having the Mac with you. It comes in handy when your Mac gets stolen or lost. To prevent misuse of your data and protect your privacy, let’s learn how to wipe a Mac remotely.

Best Music Streaming Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Music makes life so much better. And thanks to your iPhone, you never have to be without your favorite tracks. There are tons of apps that allow you to discover and listen to awesome sounds from around the world, often for free or for a small price. Moreover, they boast tons of additional features, like creating custom playlists and saving for offline listening.

How to Use Memoji in macOS Big Sur

Here’s something exciting for Mac lovers. With the latest macOS Big Sur, you can now create and customize Memoji the way you do on your iPhone or iPad. Memoji lets you better express your mood and emotions through unique stickers that match your personality. It’s guaranteed to make your iMessage conversations more engaging.

6 Free Mind Map Apps for Mac to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Mind mapping is a terrific visual method for capturing thoughts and ideas. For both business and personal use, a mind map is ideal for brainstorming sessions and helps you organize your concepts easily.

The 6 Best Free RAW Image Processors for Mac

If you shoot photos in RAW, you might think you need to shell out for Lightroom or some other expensive image software to process them. But you don’t. macOS has lots of options when it comes to high-quality free RAW converters.

How to Use Sound Recognition Feature in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

One of the notable features in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is sound recognition. This is an accessibility setting that allows your iPhone to continuously listen for specific sounds and notify you when it detects them. It can be incredibly helpful for those with hearing impairments but can also have other uses. So let’s learn how to use sound recognition feature on iPhone and iPad.

How to Find the Serial Number for Any Apple Device

Every Apple product has a unique serial number that’s made up of a long string of numbers and letters. You often need this number to check your device’s warranty, schedule a repair, or make an insurance claim. Fortunately, there are usually a few different ways to find it.

When Did Apple Become Popular? A Brief History of the Rise of Apple

The rise of Apple perhaps lies in the company’s 1997-2002 slogan: “Think different”. While not always heralded as a success, it comes from great vision in the face of increasing competition.

How to Show iPhone Battery Percentage on Apple Watch

Although it’s easy to show the battery percentage on your iPhone, sometimes you may not be able to or look at your device to view it. For instance, maybe your phone is charging in another room. In such situations, you can monitor it from your Apple Watch. This is easy to do with a variety of third-party apps. Let’s learn more.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on Mac

Picture in Picture mode on Mac lets you watch your favorite video while using other apps at the same time. When you use PiP in macOS, the video floats on top of any app or window. The best thing about it is that the video will continue to play in PiP, even if you switch apps to full-screen mode. So, without further delay, let’s see how to use Picture in Picture on Mac in Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and Music/TV app.

How to Lock Notes on your Mac

The Notes is a handy app that you can use to store any information for quick access. This could include your passwords, monthly installment, scanned documents, and more. So, if you want to know how to lock your notes on Mac to keep them secure, follow our guide step by step.